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Donald Trump is being unfairly targetted by democrats for being pro-american

  • He only wants the best for his country.

    Trump is simply a patriotic, American. All he does is to ensure Americans enjoy their rights and privileges as American citizens. All he wants is the goverment to prioritize the needs of Americans above those of others who do not have any claim to the united states. Trump is now being impeached because of a phonecall to a foreign leader asking him to investigate aspects of corruption by a former vicepresident. Joe biden withheld aid to Ukraine if they sididdnt fire a particular prosecutor investigating his sons corruption now when Trump digs for the truth they want to impeach him. Media outlets like cnn, And the likss have unfairly given Trump negative coverage since he announced he would be running for the presidency. At every turn they scrutinise him for the slightest mistake. What wrong is there for wanting the best for your country and your fellow countrymen?

  • Trump is being fairly targeted by Democrats because he did commit crimes against the constitution and his oath.

    Donald Trump has committed crimes against the constitution and the people by asking Russia to investigate his opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter. That in all is illegal and in my opinion, Is an impeachable offense. Not only that but the fact that Trump did ask for a favor by saying "will you do (US) a favor". "US" means him and his administration, NOT the U. S. (America).

  • No one is attacking Trump for being "Pro-American"

    I want to start out by defining "pro-American. " To be "pro-American" would be to support the country and/or its people.

    I feel as though Donald Trump has not been pro-American in his tenure in office. He's sending more Americans overseas to die in the Middle East for to keep the military-industrial complex running; something he pledged AGAINST doing on the campaign trail. He's bribes from Saudi Arabia through his hotel and given them arms deals and military aid in response. In terms of highest approval rating, He's also the most unpopular American president in at least 70 years.

    Unless you consider selling out your people for profit pro-American, I don't feel like this description describes Mr. Trump very well. It seems the vast majority of the American people would agree with me.

  • Donald Toilet Dust Trump - easily the most corrupt president of all time

    Fox News “When you're sitting at the desk, How do you make decisions? I mean do you agonize over them? Do you second guess yourself? ”
    Trump “I don’t think about it. I don’t think about how I make them. ”

    Fox News “What are you grateful for? ”
    Trump “I’m grateful for me. ”

  • Get over it

    Obama was called the antichrist and worst. He did not act like a baby and tweet an insult or tell people to "attack" them.
    Look at the video on how Obama was treated.
    Unfair media coverage. What about blame it on hoover!
    When you become chief you have a target on your back. Deal with it act unfazed and do your job.
    You do realize he acts like some pampered kid who can't take a jab or an insult? He threatens to block aid and funds to anyone he doesn't like. He likes that rich kid in school that wants to treated like a king and if you are not nice to him you don;t get to go to his party.

    He does not want he best. He just wants to make money and sell himself like a prostitute to whoever pays him the most money.

    Where's the infrastructure? He just slashed money for widows and orphans and where are the bridges and highways? Last I checked your son is still a drug addict. Throwing out all of the black and brown people still won't get you hired because no one wants to hire you. Robots will take your job away.

  • Oh sorry did u say Donald duck?

    Bitch do yall know what that nigga did to Mexicans and arabs? (or other countries or african americans) the only people who like him are whites like just leave us alone we did noting to you are dumb ass hes so f***ing racist and he acculay built a wall on mexico and some one is my class had hismom kicked out of the country for being mexican YALL CALL THAT BULLSHIT FAIR! ? ! EVEN ARABS MIGHT GET KICKED OUT im not sure tho SO FUCKMAY HE BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE!

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