• People get wet

    When you get wet, You get sick. Nobody wants kids to be sick in their classroom. Rooms get smelly and humid. Students and kids will clean up after. Sick kids could infect teachers. If teachers get infected, Everyone in the school will get infected. Also, If kids are wet, They don’t focus as well as they should.

  • What sort of school doesn't allow it's pupils to sit down and eat.

    Is it a Zoo.
    Nonetheless where's your raincoat and hat. Yeah! Your too fucking stupid and vain to dress appropriately for the weather. I bet you don't see Inuit kids posing outdoors on a balmy -20 degrees lunchtime consuming their blubber sandwiches.
    Ok so I was not much better when I was your age, But a least we were allowed to sit indoors and eat our lunch in some sort of basic civilised fashion and we certainly weren't forced to stand around in the rain getting soaked.

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ZackCarr says2019-04-26T20:56:36.627
Cold or warm rain?

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