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  • I'd Yes but

    In Africa we have been raised under the impression that connection or your networks are everything. Yes education does make it easy for one to do a good job once on that particular position of power, But the sad truth is not everyone with the education get the chance to make changes in the world with eduction, Instead people with good connections with or without education.

  • No its not, Countries are being duped

    I used to be told that you have to get good grades and go to a good school and can get a job. But at the end you end up becoming a slave to less educated and dumber boss.
    All of the smartest people and professionals are leaving their home nations of the Philippines Mexico and India. To work in the USA or Europe or the UAE.
    The poor countries smartest people are becoming slave and improving other nations. Like Microsoft has a lot of Indian and Mexican programmers but no one talks about that. This is the new form of slave labor. Colorado imports Filipino teachers for cheap.

    My advice would be for weaker countries to get their acts together. Stop selling oils and metals to the rich countries. And pump your money back into your people instead of the pockets of the few. Kick out all of the politicians that are puppets of the foreign companies and who want privatization.

    Give grants to smart people so that they can make their own companies. But of course the other nations will not like this. They want your oil and they want your cheap labor. Things will not change and it will always be dumb but ruthless people that become your bosses.

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