English culture is arguably the most beneficial culture for humanity

Asked by: Tommy.leadbetter
  • French did way more

    English murdered many through imperialism and started unnecessary words, Even destroyed cultures. France is a lovely country with a strong history who has been a very strong positive influence on the world, While ther imperaislim did not cause as many deaths and they spread their cultrure bpeacefully. Viva la france.

  • The English language

    The English language tells all. It tells all about everything basically just look at the size of English dictionary, The English language encyclopedias and urban dictionary. Com. The English is one of the most intelligent languages with words like impossible with the word possible in it. Words like burn with the word bur in it. Etc.

  • To many arguments to sum up in a headline

    I will try and make it snappy.
    1. Most economically successful: The UK ruled a quarter of the worlds population and started the modern industrial revolution, Giving birth to the modern world. USA is an extension of the UK culture and is now the richest country in the world.
    2. Morally superior: The first to create a large scale government that didn't require a dictator. The first to bring about the idea of a law book that superseded the king. The idea that individual humans are sovereign led to a just system of government that is morally superior to any other type of large-scale government.
    3. It gave birth to capitalism: enough said. Capitalism is almost certainly the greatest invention of humanity.
    4. Best music, Art, Inventions, Films: this is a result of the British system of government and thus the culture. I'm not suggesting that there are racial differences that lead to differing levels of success; but rather that its the result of the culture and governmental system.
    Thats enough to be getting on with

  • Colonialism and its child

    The colonial period was the worst period. The British enslaved populations and forced them to extract resources. They gave the Chinese opium so they could become addicted just to get their goods.
    They forced India to grow cotton instead of food causing a silent genocide. And they created compounds where they could work a day for food, But guess what? The Indian workers spent more calories laboring than they received from a measly bowl of food. Literally doing nothing was better than working for the British.

    And the worst thing to come from them was America. Talk about a barbaric nation. They removed passages from the bible so they could justify slavery and racism. And just like mommy Britain, Baby America did the same thing with colonialism and drug involvement. Robbing land claiming to be morally just and killing with no remorse.

    And look at Britain now. The young people are broke, You are paying a family millions of pounds to just pretend to be kings. You are bad at soccer worldwide and you have diminished from technological progress. France and other countries have better science programs.

    Same goes for America. A man missing teeth with no higher education living in a Mobile home trailer park believes he is number one in the world and better than any other country and its citizens.

    I suggest you pick up a history book and stop listening to loons on the radio, And actually watch other sources of information on how both America and the UK are being left behind by other countries.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Dance: English people can't dance. It is the origins of the truism "white people can't dance".
    2. Cuisine: English cuisine is notoriously bad. Some famous English foods are toast sandwiches, Jellied eels, Marmite, Spotted dick, Black pudding, Etc. No wonder England's national cuisine is an Indian dish.
    3. Music: This one is related to dance. There are no great English composers comparable to the Vivaldi's and Beethoven of continental Europe.
    4. Art: Once again, England is lacking: Even the Netherlands beats England when it comes to great artists with Van Gogh.
    5. Technology: Tim Berners Lee may have invented the internet, But he did it in France at CERN. Also England is absolutely dwarfed by the likes of Silicon Valley and Shenzhen.
    6. Religion: Henry VIII created the Church of England because he hated his wife, Not because of any spiritual revelation.
    7. Language: The English language is bad. Unlike German and French which have gone through comprehensive spelling reforms, English still retains archaic spelling which does nothing but cause annoyance.

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