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Feminism Is Bad, Change My Mind LIBERALS! TRUMP 2020

  • Liberals are degenerates

    They want to see an end to western society as we know it. Fuck liberalism. Demorats are the true party of racism. The party switch is more biased bullshit that schools teach kids. Just goes to show how garbage the public schooling system has become. Fuck feminism, It hasn't been useful in half a century.

  • Trump will bring peace

    Stupid Liberals are what’s screwing up America, We all need to wake the hell up and realize it’s these stupid Liberals ruining America. But Trump even so as mentions a wall and all the Liberals start whining. So yes let’s go Trump 2020 and let’s build this Dang wall. Go away you stupid libtards and Demonrats

  • A lot to be said

    Note: I am not looking for an argument -- truly. I may disagree with your points but I'm not evil at all. I simply want to talk.
    To continue, I am a democrat, And I do believe in feminism. I do not believe women should be above men or anything like that, I honestly think that the notion of that is insane. Rather, I think that women and men should be on the same level. This applies mostly internationally because, While not perfect, America is much better than other countries when it comes to equality. I also don't stand for Trumps policies, Mostly because it breaks equality, And makes people, Who are not evil or wrong feel dehumanized. For example, Take immigrants. The majority of immigrants are not evil at all. I have a really close friend who's an immigrant and she means the world to me. And it sucks that she's stuck in another country because she did nothing wrong. I feel like that's the same for many immigrants.
    I think I'm rambling, So I'll stop. I know I'm not going to change anyone's minds here, I just wanted to add my two cents. Thanks for reading

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