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  • Fort nite SUCKS!

    Fort nite is poop. Minecraft is fun. Fortnite is violent as a NC17 movie. Minecraft is only E10+ No Fortnite should be played. It sucks. Minecraft is creative and fun unlike Fortnite. Fortnite sucks like trash. No Fortnite at all it is horrible, Like HORRIBLE LIKE THE WORST. FORTNITE SUCKS!

  • Good one game

    This was a good one and amazing
    i tell you you have to try this to undrestand what im saying
    but i like to play other games like pubg :D csgo and dota 2
    also i like some games like call of duty back ops 3 and 4 + gta

  • Minecraft is superior

    Fortnite is a game where the player can "eliminate" (Kill) the other players to get a dub. Sure Minecraft has combat, But it also has so much more! You can build the house of your dreams! You can build a redstone contraption to launch you high into the sky! You mine in caves with friends! Minecraft is so much more than most people see it as!

  • FORTNITE IS OVERRATED it should be banned from gaming systems

    IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE kids get addicted to it and its bad for your health when you plahy 5 to 10 hours a day (some Kids) like a ninja
    They can get brain damge done if you look at the screen to long thats why i quit fortnight

  • No o o

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  • Fortnite is big gay

    On a serious note Fortnite has zero claim to being one of the best games of the decade like some people would've said when Fortnite was in its prime. It's prime lasted like. . . Two years maybe?

    Minecraft on the other hand stayed relevant throughout 90% of its existence and is still going very strong. The game has had a big impact on the digital world as a whole, Everyone knows Minecraft, Everyone grew up with it, Its the 90s game of the 2010s that everyone has played.


  • Fortnite is just a game, Minecraft is so much more

    In 10 years, You won't see youtube videos depicting anything close to what minecraft does now. The nostalgia of minecraft by itself is better than any amount of fortnite playing. The soundtrack, The community, And everything else about it is just so amazing. Minecraft is the better game, If you think fortnite is better then go back to your middle school you 10 year olds.

  • Minecraft is creative

    Minecraft is a very very creative game that lets the mind do anything possibly imaginable. You could build a pirate ship, Make a house, Create a roller coaster, Have fun with your friends, And so much more. I don't think that Minecraft is dying. I think that it's just trying to listen to what everyone wants.

  • Minecraft Encourages Creativity

    Fortnite is very popular, Though it doesn't have much significance to the growth of children's minds. It's a game where you run around and shoot every other player like a deranged serial killer, And get more guns by opening llamas. You do have the ability to create structures, But it has less freedom and features than Minecraft BY FAR.

  • I think minecraft will win

    There are many mods that can add god like deities int the world. Looking at these things will kill you in creative mode. The most powerful thing in fortnite is a missile. Minecraft can get nukes. Minecraft can get tsunamis. Minecraft can get an outbrake that turns grass into an army of diamond armour zombies.

  • Fortnite is better than Minecraft, Here is why. . .

    Minecraft is an outdated game from the early 21st century, Whereas fortnite is a new, Popular games made by a modern game company. Yes, Minecraft let’s you and your creativity flow, But no, Fortnite is still more popular, And therefore the better game. Thank you for your time and effort at trying to bring back an older game, But it is just a futile attempt.

  • Both games are Avrage.

    Fornite used to be better. But around season 4 it started to decline n quality. I still play fornite and have a good time, But minecraft is making a comeback and is beating fornite, Regaining its iron grip on the gaming world that it has had since it came out in the early 2010's. If you like more of a action-filled, Online, Expirence, Fornite is better for you. But if you want a game that allows you to let your imiaginaton go wild and lets you be creative, Minecraft is better for you. I don't really care,

  • Both Games Are Good!

    Fortnite and Minecraft are very popular games. Fortnite is popular for its trend on social media and MInecraft is popular due to the amount of children that play it. I used to play Minecraft until i got my old Tablet tooken away when i was a young kid. Both games are amazing and fantastic. Minecraft is a good game due to the fact that you can let your imagination run wild and do many things you couldn't do before. Fortnite involves problem solving and cooperating with others ( If you are playing duos or squads). One thing i do not like about Minecraft is the introduction of M-Coins which brings scammers showing how to get M-Coins for free, Which is a scam. One thing i do not like about Fortnite is the huge amount of hackers and trollers (besides ProPepper and InTrollSive) in which can make tournaments very hard to win and the amount of people that make fake websites that are supposed to "generate free V-Bucks". These games are both very good in general and all. Everyone just has their own opinions.

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