• Apple is what it vowed not to be

    They refuse to innovate and they are under powered.
    Apple refuses to tell you how much ram they have. They do not tell you that they under power the CPU to extend their battery life.
    They overcharge you for the same speed.
    They refuse to support third parties so they can sell you their second rate accessories.
    They refuse to let you customize your phone and for the longest time did not have a file folder manager.
    Fan boys will love anything with an apple symbol just to flex that they have the most expensive phone.

    I laugh at them as I have rooted my android phone and run emulators and develop on my phone.

    You can't game on an apple

  • The Galaxy Note 11+ is a greater device

    The galaxy note 10+ offers a much larger variety of applications that the Iphone 11 simply cannot provide. The note 10+ also has a much more superior camera and better visuals overal. Their screen has better more realistic images, And the transition between apps is smoother than that of the Iphone11

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