• Gender is based in biology

    A person is either a male or a female. It's entirely irresponsible to suggest otherwise. People suffering from gender dysphoria have a 40% chance of committing suicide. It's clearly some kind of disorder that deserves the attention of shrinks not the government. I don't think anyone is trying to take away the rights of transgender people. I'm pretty sure most people just don't want to end up like Canada where you can be sued for calling a biological boy a boy. They're clearly going through rough shit but I think most hermaphrodites can understand that in their current state they're men without undergoing radical surgery.

  • Gender is absolutely biological.

    Science, Chromosomes, Sexual reproduction, Etc. I can't just up and decide to become a woman and have kids because I don't have the requisite biology. If gender is a social construct, How on Earth would sexual reproduction occur? This is an argument championed bv subversive cultural marxists to upend the very concept of objective truth and reality and to push nihilism on everyone and destroy our families and sense of self.

  • Gender isn't in the mind.

    Many studies show male brains and female brains are wired differently so they are not interchangeable. To be call yourself a female/male is too call yourself someone with male reproductive organs or female reproductive organs, Not what is in the mind. Gender in more recent times has become interchangeable for seemingly no reason. I believe sex and gender are connected and you can't say you're a man if you're a woman and can't say you're a women if you're a man.

  • Yes, In any meaningful context.

    Gender is biological in the way we use the word "gender" in common parlance. If you want to layer in personality concepts and abstract notions of behavior that's fine, But it isn't the way we usually use the term. The consensus usage of the word "gender" in our society is in reference to a binary biological distinction. People can make ideological arguments about how that isn't what they want it to be, But that is a different matter. The term as it is used refers to something that is beyond a specific culture or psychological norm, Rather, It refers to an accepted biological duality. (This is not to say that a very small number of people are not legitimately outside of this biological duality. )

  • Men and Women are different.

    The distinction between gender and sex is entirely arbitrary. There is simply no reputable evidence that one could be “born in the wrong body, ” or “identify” as another gender. Primarily because there are anatomical and physiological differences between male and female bodies at every level of analysis.

    I could identify as a paraplegic, But that would not make me disabled; likewise, A male is not a female because of his delusion.

    Social constructivism is intrinsically flawed, Behavioral patterns are a result of a biological imperative. As a simple example, Girls have more parvocellular ganglion cells in their retinas, And boys have more magnocellular cells; this is why boys' eyes are drawn more to motion, And girls' to color.

  • Thousands of years of evolution directly display gender is created out of necessity.

    It is not a social construct due to the fact of it being physically seen. Male/female relationships are natural in nature and in humans, Just because a subject view is used, It does not mean that the fact changes. There is no grey lines in gender, Only male and female. You can say that you are something else, But in reality: you are who you were born as. Reality cannot be changed based on your subjective view on your gender.

  • Gender is based on biology

    In the womb a baby is typically given either XX or XY chromosomes, This first dictates their bone structure and genitals. There are rare cases of intersex people, For example hermaphrodites. But then when a child hits puberty they begin to develop many changes not just with genitals, But with things like, Hair, Body shape, Reproductive capabilities, Height, Muscle mass, Bone thickness, Emotional capability, Empathy, Agreeableness, Assertiveness, Submissiveness, And many more minor differences. These traits are all changed significantly due to biological gender.

    The reason there are gender roles of a women being submissive, Nurturing, Emotional and looking after children, And men being strong, Powerful and tough is because this is what they evolved to do, There is a lot of evidence showing that all throughout human history women & men fit these roles.
    Men evolved to be strong and powerful because throughout history, They were the bread-winners, The hunters to provide food for the family and they would need muscle and power to kill animals and defend the family.
    Women would need to stay with the baby and look after it well and even small things like a woman being more sensitive to a babies scream during sleep prove this.

    Today men hold top CEO positions because they want power more than women, They also hold the most dangerous jobs in the world which result in a higher amount of workplace deaths in men. Historically, They would need to be risk-takers to provide food for the family by killing some dangerous animals in the wild. This is also why men are way more likely to gamble, More likely to become homeless, More likely to die young (resulting in the lower life expectancy) and more likely spend all their money on making a business which could either make them poor or a rich CEO.

    Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is when people believe they have a brain that is a different gender to the body, This is why it is called a disorder, Because the brain does not follow the same order as the body. It is a horrible thing with an extremely high suicide rate (40%) this is not because of society rejecting them, Because you only find similar rates in Auschwitz Concentration camps, Unless this is how we are treating transgenders, There is a big underlying problem. These people have feelings that every part of their body should be there and they end up wanting surgery to remove body parts (breasts, Genitals, Fat, Etc. ) these people need to be helped in any way we can and do have a mental illness

  • Human Created the Idea of Gender

    Without human society, The concept of male and female would not exist. The human anatomy is not a construct of today's society, But the idea of gender is. Without society, There would be no concept of gender, Only differing body parts in humans.

    In addition who are you to confine people who you do not know to a gender. It is not anyone's place but theirs to decide what gender they are, Even if biologically they are not whatever gender they identify with it still should be their choice to decide. By restricting people identifying as other genders you are restricting peoples individual choice.

  • 'Gender' Is A Misused Term

    Gender refers to the individual's belonging to either 'boy' or 'girl', Yet these terms have been constructed, This is evidenced by the colour pink being a popular boys' colour in the past, Yet nowadays boys will prefer more 'masculine' colours such as blue, Red, Or green. We condition children to act a certain way from birth, This form of nurturing is natural, And it is what holds society together. I'm arguing that 'gender' is misused, What most people don't understand is that gender IS constructed, Many hundreds or even thousands of years ago, Yet it was still constructed. Biological sex is innate, However. Biological 'boys' and 'girls' are NOT interchangeable. A biological boy may choose to appear or even act as if he were of the female gender, However this does not change his biological identity. A case that supports this is the case of David Reimer, Who underwent chemical therapy to change his sex at birth due to a surgical accident that left him without a penis. David was raised a female despite being biologically male, This lead to symptoms of gender identity issues, And David's eventual suicide. Gender is constructed and is built into SOCIETY, Not into our biological identity.

  • There needs to be a distinction between "gender" and "sex"

    It is true that people are born with a certain set of chromosomes, This is indisputable as it can be clearly observed (aside from some rare cases where there is an abnormality). Furthermore I can agree with the argument that hormones may influence the way a person acts to a certain extent. However they are not the sole determing factor in explaining differences between the sexes.

    The word "Gender" is about the norms associated with a certain sex and is absolutely a social construct. Much of how we act is a result of these norms and the expectations that come with them rather than our biological makeup. For example the idea that women are naturally better cooks or that men should be the breadwinners within a family.

    Most of the people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth do not try to deny that they were born as a certain sex. To do this would be to argue facts. Those that are transgender in stead experience something called "gender dysphoria" the feeling that your identity clashes with the biological sex you were assigned at birth. They undergo hormone therapy, Which is a method of altering one's biological makeup to resemble that of the sex one's gender identity matches with.

    Understanding the distinction between these two terms changes the nature of the argument. It becomes possible to accept the idea that gender is s social construct because this does not necessairly mean arguing against biology (meaning a person's sex). Unfortunately this is not often clearly explained.

  • I could care less

    Lets put it this way, As long as you aren't a dick, I don't care whether you have one or not.
    Human beings were created to love, And we've fallen so far from that with the hatred spewed in current times.
    It doesn't matter whats between your legs, Love and be loved. That's all that matters.

  • Sex is biological, Gender is sociological

    When someone is referring to the physical genitalia, Hormone production and build of a person, They are referring to sex, Which is a biological concept. Gender (the way that someone feels, Dresses, Acts, And is viewed by society), On the other hand, Is a sociocultural construct. This distinction is important because one refers to the physical makeup of a human being, And the other has little to do with physiology at all.

  • Scientifically Proven Fact

    Gender is a social construct because expressions and ‘fe/male’ Behaviour have nothing to do with your sex. It’s all made up and has no actual basis. This is obvious when you see what is considered fe/male behaviours across the world are all different from culture to culture unless there’s abrahamic religions laying down the expectations. (Also fictional ideology)

    When people say ‘it because of sex/chromosomes/hormones’ both sexes can and will do anything the opposite sex does.

    Gender is a social construct. That’s a scientific fact.

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WhereDoWeBegin says2019-02-20T23:01:27.563
The basic problem here is the lack of consistent definition of "gender". For some, It is interchangeable with biological sex. For others, It is a reference to societally defined gender roles. For still others, The term is used as a catch-all, Conflating biological sex with gender roles. Definitions of "male", "female", "man", "woman", Etc. Are often similarly confused. Before beginning any conversation on this topic, It is necessary to define terms and clarify concepts.

I will be using the following definitions. Note that whether you agree with my definitions is not the salient issue. It is the distinctions I am drawing, Not the names I am using, That is important.

By "sex" I mean "biological sex", That is, The reproductive categories of male and female. The Oxford Dictionary supplies the following definitions:

SEX: Either of the two divisions of organic beings distinguished as male and female respectively.
MALE: Of or belonging to the sex that begets offspring, Or performs the fecundating function of generation.
FEMALE: Belonging to the sex that produces offspring.
MAN: An adult male person.
WOMAN: An adult female human being.
BOY: A male child below the age of puberty.
GIRL: A female child.

In addition, By "gender" I mean modes of dress, Presentation, Cultural roles, Etc. Typically associated with one or the other biological sex. What used to be referred to as "masculine" and "feminine".

Given these distinctions, Then, It becomes clear that sex, That is one's biological reproductive role, Is fixed in utero and is immutable. One who is biologically male, Then, Will always be biologically male, And can never transition to female.

Further, Given the above definitions, Concepts such as "female brain" are incoherent. Since one's brain does not participate in the reproductive act, Then it cannot be either "male" or "female". Conversely, One could argue that by "female brain" one simply means "a brain characterized by certain structures typically associated with females", But that definition presupposes the definitions of "male" and "female" and thus, On such a definition, To assert that one's brain defines one's sex is to beg the question.

One more note: biological reproductive categories are not restricted to humans, But apply to nearly all forms of life: dogs and cats, Birds and bees, Aardvarks to zebras.

Thus the answer to the question, "Is gender a social construct? " depends on what "gender" means. Clearly, If "gender" means "biological sex", Then the answer is no. Sex is an objective category which exists apart from humans, And so cannot be a "social construct".

If by "gender" one means modes of dress, Presentation and cultural roles typically associated with one or the other sex, Then yes, Of course "gender" is largely a social construct. "Largely" because certain gender distinctions seem to be universal, Holding constant both across cultures and throughout history, Which suggests that even though such distinctions are culturally defined, They are still rooted in our biology.

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