Given that in the past some instrumental songs have been banned, Is there any reason to ban instrumental songs today?

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  • For The Most Part, No

    (To be more specific, I don't mean to ban instrumental music completely, I mean certain songs that are more extreme and (also) not like copyrighted material)
    Most of the time in which instrumental music is banned, Is was because felt like they were too extreme or it sounds like its going against a certain religious belief. Such was the case for the song "Rumble" by guitarist Link Wray back in 1958. People at the time were still rather nervous about rock n' roll's influence so they had banned this song in particular due to it's extreme solos and distortion (done by messing up/destroying a part of the speakers).
    Today however, Most kinds of music are fully accepted without repercussions.
    The question is, Are there any recent instrumental songs that have a certain vibe or feeling that would in which be necessary to ban from say the radio?

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