Good people are born good, Bad people are born bad

Asked by: CaptainHades
  • I don't even know anymore.

    The way this debate starter is worded is kinda poop. What the heck does "born good" mean? Born to do good things? Because that is an easy argument to make.


    (all these defenitions are mine, The wording of the debate starter is very unclear)

    If you are good, You do more good things in your life than bad.

    Being born good means we are destined to be good by the time you die.

    If you die good, You are good.

    If you are born, And die good, You were born good.

    Therefore, Good people are born good (same vice versa)

    See what you can do with opinion debates? You can make your own definitions, Therefore invalidating everyone else's arguments lol.

    Anyways, Seeya

  • In general yes.

    The prefrontal cortex maturation is very important to morality. Brain structures significantly affect behavior. Environment has some pressure over the development of moral reasoning but there is a regression to your predispositions or moral compass. For example a male from Africa or Asia who emigrated to Europe or Americas experiences Western principles that dictates their moral compass but once abandoned in favor of their own personal or cultural upbringing they appear to Westerners as morally ambiguous or immature.

  • Yes, Because we could all choose to be evil, We all would eventually commit acts of evil

    Society, Civilization, Technology, Governments and institutions could have never developed if good and evil were merely choices. For to be able to commit evil acts, Requires that one deliberately does so, Not by accident, Otherwise we could not label the acts evil, Rather, We would call them mistakes instead. Mistakes are unintentional, Heinous crimes like murder and rape are clearly INTENTIONAL.

    If everyone could choose to be evil, Then evil is therefore a part of all of our nature, Meaning that we would eventually commit even the most unspeakable acts of violence and crimes against humanity, Preventing any and all human development. There would be nothing but chaos.

    THe world is not perfect, That much is true. But if it weren't for the good people here who are always good and never evil and then getting into positions of power to create stability in the world, You and I would not exist, This web site wouldn't exist, Nothing good would exist.

  • No id say possibly

    Yeah so its not like every bad action they ever did can be traced back through their entire lifetime to the very moment they were born and that was the cause of all of it. Also people change as they mature so how could they be born the way they become which they werent before. Just not making sense.

  • Bad people are not born, They are made.

    Ever heard of stories where a good character changes to a bad character because of some events and their choice? No? Yes? Let me explain.

    People will change their ideologies and opinions if they receive an information or an event that will make them change. But some people will not change because of opinions that made them not to. And because they chose to do it.

    Let's say a person who experienced so many bad problems, And changes to bad. That's because of their mind, They want to make other suffer because they suffered and they chose to do it.

    What if they did not change? That's because of their mind as well, They have ideologies to not hurt or do something bad to people and they chose do it.

    My point is, It's in the mind. Whether they will change or not, Its in the events that happened and they chose to do it.

  • Us humans have free will

    This does happen to "some" people but not all, In fact people change we all do. We can either make the decision to change when something strikes us, And even though most people can be cruel, They can change their ways whether they like to or not. PEOPLE, THIS IS WHY WARS ARE HAPPENING.

  • People make mistakes but have the capacity to change.

    While it's true some people can keep the same disposition their whole lives, The fact is that most people make mistakes, Change and evolve over time. One of my parents was abusive and mean and just cruel. But that parent has changed so much since then, They're a whole new person. They still aren't super emotional or lovey dovey, But they're much calmer and friendlier.

    My sibling was very friendly and kind in childhood but as an adult they became emotionally abusive toward me and addicted to drugs. But 2 years ago they quit drugs and now we are like best friends.

    If that isn't a testimate to humans ability to change, I don't know what is.

  • It isnt that simple

    A lot of what we are is determined by blood or dna however whether we have good morals is more determined by our upbringing. I think there are some people that are born broken with bad blood there are but more people are made to be broken by bad environment poverty or neglect and or abuse

  • I have deliberately chosen to do good AND bad things.

    I am a good person, So by @CaptainHades argument, It is impossible for me to deliberately choose to do something bad. Yet, I have. So then, Am I a bad person? According to @CaptainHades, I must be. But I have also deliberately chosen to do good things, So I can't be bad either. Am I some kind of anomaly then? No, I'm just like everyone else. No one is BORN good or bad. We CHOOSE.

  • There are no Good and Evil People

    We are all evil in some form or another. There are the major acts of evils like murder and fornication and theft. But then there are other evils like lying and lust and hatred for others and envy and jealousy.

    Jesus Condemned the religious leaders because he could see that their own hearts were impure. They hid behind a veil of religious piety but there hearts were wicked.
    Act like a devil 6 days a week and then be an angel for half a day.

    When someone becomes a follower of Jesus they recieve a new heart and to love thy neighbor as himself. They cannot hate anyone. American Christians are not Christians. They have long abandon God and his teachings and follow their own rules. You know when someone is a real christian because they are no longer like anyone and they are genuine.

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