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Google creates $4 million crisis fund for immigration cause: Can big companies influence Trump about his immigration policies?

  • Just look at this cabinet.

    Looking at his cabinet. He wants the CEO of exon mobile as the Secretary of state. His pick for the Secretary of Commerce is the CEO of Wilbur Ross, his secretary of labour is the CEO of CKE Restaurants, his secretary of education doesn't believe in the public school system and needs to divest from 102 companies. There was even talk of the CEO of Goldman sach being involved and several people formally part of the organisation already being part of Trump's administration. We've all been conned Trump is most certainly not draining the swamp he's burning the windmills and letting the murky waters rise.

  • Yes, big businesses can influence Trump about his policies.

    Yes, big businesses are in an unprecedented position to influence the president. As a lifelong businessman himself, Trump is accustomed to giving consideration to the interests of big businesses like his own. Many American corporations have grown to rely on imported workforces, particularly in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including professionals from Muslim nations. Trump is going to have to at least consider reconciling his campaign promises with the needs of corporations.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    While Donald Trump is a very stubborn man, he is not unable to be influenced. I feel he will take in all of the feedback regarding hi immigration policies. I don't believe he will make any hasty revisions but I do think he may soften once he has had time to digest what, not only big companies but, everyone is saying.

  • He has to work with business.

    Yes, businesses can influence Trump's immigration policies, because Trump is a business person. That means that he appreciates how business people work. He appreciates that businesses need to have regulations that work for them. Trump will listen to what Starbucks has to say because he wants business to thrive in his administration.

  • Yes the actions of big companies will influence President's Trumps immigration policies.

    The Chief Executive Officers at Airbnb, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Tesla Motors and Uber have stated their displeasure with the policy, which is directly affecting their own employees working here legally, and their ability to compete for for talent in the global market. President Trump will have to listen to these leaders if he expects their support for his other policies.

  • Just Hear Me Out

    I do think that it is possible, however, shouldn't these companies take care of our own people first?! Seriously people, we have over 1 million homeless people, veterans not getting the health care they need, starvation. People are getting shot in Chicago every day!

    Matthew 7:5-"You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

  • He is not a good president

    I think he will not be a sutiable president and he will get assasinated in the first year he is president and he is sexist, so i think hillary should have been president instead of him and i think bernie sanders is better than both of them, donald trump for jail

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