• Grammars important if you want to be understood

    Yeah I'd say grammars important to get your point across. Like we need your support! Like, We need your support. Like: we need your support. Like"we need your support". So grammar helps people interpret what you are saying so you can be correctly understood by people that understand grammarly stuff.

  • In Written Communication, Yes

    Writing, Especially when a formal setting, Needs good grammar. It helps get ideas across more clearly, And it sets a standard for how to communicate. For example, Punctuation like the humble comma can change the meaning of a sentence entirely. Look at the sentences below:

    "Let's eat, Grandma! "
    "Let's eat Grandma! "

    One sentence is telling Grandma that they should eat together, But the other is suggesting that they should eat Grandma! Grammar is important on paper, Because you don't hear the tone or intonation of the speaker. However, When communicating verbally (by speaking out loud) people tend to care less about grammar. I would say that grammar is not as necessary when speaking in informal settings because much of English's modern day vernacular has a much looser sense of "grammar. " See the dialogue below:

    "Djeetyet? " "Nah, I ain't hungry. " "M'kay. Seeya later! " "Uh, Or not! Ya weirdo. . . "

    This type of informal spoken grammar wouldn't pass for a formal speech by a CEO, But it is well known that spoken grammar is less strict than written grammar. Spoken grammar has a lot of slang, Incomplete sentences, And reduced forms.

  • I'm not a "Grammar Nazi", You can't speak english properly!

    When someone posts or writes something with incorrect grammar or spelling, I cannot help but notice and mentally put them down a couple of rungs on the "intellectual ladder". When it comes to communicating, There's the correct way, And then there's the way you're doing it.

    Of course, I make exceptions for people where english is not their first language or other extenuating circumstances. But when it's just some dolt who didn't pay attention in school and thinks it's endearing to demonstrate stupidity, I have little sympathy.

    Maybe it's because I'm a programmer, And I see these mistakes as errors that prevents your words from compiling?

  • Is grammar important or not

    Um, Yes, And it's rather embarrassing that you said "grammar is important or not". . . You just set yourself up for failure. Read it out loud to yourself. It makes no sense, Just like everything else I read that uses bad grammar. It makes people sound ignorant and stupid and no one wants to hear what you have to say if you use bad grammar and spelling. Honestly, I debated whether or not to even vote on this. So @ me. Tell me I'm wrong!

  • Why bother anymore?

    If what they say is true, Only 1% of modern words will still be recognizable a thousand years from now so it can be argued that nothing really matters. And besides, Everything is spoken nowadays and "proper" grammar isn't recognizable when you speak. And for what we put in text, Well, Society will figure that part out as they always do. If my argument is flawed, Then it is probably because I only wanted to be the devil's advocate.

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