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Greta Thundberg is a good activist and her autism shouldn't affect her ability to be credible. She doesn't deserve to be bullied.

Asked by: BenevolentBoy17
  • While I disagree with her position. . .

    You can't tell me that she hasn't been successful in getting people's attention. I'm taking "good" to mean one's ability to garner attention for one's cause, Rather than a moral equivalency. I wouldn't have recommended that she take things this far because of her age (she is merely one of many before who have cried climate change wolf), But I can't knock her for her moxie. Her autism shouldn't be used as a crutch (I don't think I've ever seen her attempt to use it as such), And she definitely doesn't deserve to be bullied. However, This doesn't mean her ideas or comments shouldn't be challenged with the same vigor as she used to chastise the U. N. Members. If she or her handlers can't handle fair criticism of the ideas and positions she's pushing, She needs to excuse herself from the adult table.

  • Just because she has autism, Doesn't mean she is naive or a "puppet"

    97% of scientists can confirm that Climate Change is real. That being said, Why is her being autistic a huge problem to most people? She makes some points that do make sense and the climate really is changing. Having people defame her and say, "She's a puppet for the SJWs" is beyond ridiculous and enforces a negative stereotype of autistic people everywhere.

  • Nobody is saying she is a puppet because of her Aspergers. But it certainly seems she is being used by her own parents.

    As someone who actually has a form of autism, Aspergers, I will tell you that she does seem to be a little bit hypocritical (to no fault of her own, Most likely) and reads off of script. Some of her posts involved her sitting at luxury railways without showing much form of help by going anywhere else and performing humanitarian aid. Although I agree climate change does indeed exist, It is just not as rapid as she probably believes. Yes, More volatile weather conditions will happen, But you can't change that by reading off a script and yelling "HOW DARE YOU! " to a group of world politicians.

  • I haven't seen anyone judge/bully/tease her because she has autism

    Nobody cares about the fact that she's autistic. People think she's a puppet because of her autism, People think she's a puppet because she's a kid and her parents are activists too. Her parents claim she's the one that got them into climate change and stuff but a lot of people don't believe that. You can't always say that somebody is being discriminatory just because they have a differing opinion about Greta Thunberg than you. Most people are supporting Greta anyway. I really don't think there is a very big problem when it comes to how people treat her. Most seem to be talking her quite seriously. I for one, Do believe in climate change (like most people with half a brain) and am fine with Greta Thunberg but that doesn't mean that I blame people not liking her on them discriminating against them for being autistic (despite the fact that they obviously aren't).

  • She's not a "good" activist, Is not at all credible, But nobody should be bullied over Aspergers.

    Yet she isn't she put herself in the spotlight with absurd leftist activism, And is inviting criticism. She can't just use her Aspergers to deflect any such criticism of hypocritical and wrongheaded ideas.

    She is literally a child and views everything from a black and white prism. She likes getting emotional and is a gifted public speaker, But her radical left alarmism is dangerously stupid and idealistic. Her parents are activists and have pushed her toward this stupid thinking.

  • Greta is not necesseraly a good activist and here's why.

    Although she has a posotive idea against global warming she stared a movement that is basically useless. Global warming is an issue but the only way to change it is to change the system and bring a socialist society. Her movement eventhough it started strong started being advertised and marketed for big brands (because this "eco friendly" marketing attracts young people making them think that the use of plastic is the real cause, Not the factories, Imperialist wars, Poverty etc. . . )

  • There is nothing credible about her.

    She isn't a scientist coming out with information, She's a teenager regurgitating information she's heard. She has no degree, No knowledge base, No research, Nothing. She is being used to shut down debate because "you can't criticise a child" even though a child should not be involved in the debate in the first place.
    This opinion question was loaded in the first place. "She doesn't deserve to be bullied" is the exact line of logic that they want you to be on about. She joined a public debate in the adult world. She's getting exactly what every other public figure gets, And her parents are to blame for it.

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