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Greta Van Stusteren joins MSNBC's, 'For The Record'. Will she be successful in her new role?

  • Yes, good journalists tend to be followed.

    Surprisingly, in this day and age of quantity over quality and entertainment over art, news journalists are often ousted or promoted based ultimately on their credibility. I think America appreciates the appearance of well-informed, intelligent, strong-minded women such as Susteren or Megyn Kelly who take on the tougher subjects while trying to uncover truth beyond echoing what's popular or attempting to garner ratings.

  • Greta Van Stusteren will be quite successful in her new role.

    Greta van Stusteren should be successful in her new role as host for MSNBC's, "For The Record". She has a pleasant screen presence and is well thought of by her peers. Female hosts are usually successful if they have the ability to combine good looks with confidence. She has an extensive portfolio as well, which should prove useful.

  • Yes, she has the experience to be a success.

    Yes, Greta Van Susteren will be successful in her new role at MSNBC. Van Susteren's previous role as an anchor at Fox News has given her the experience to be a success. It has also allowed her to build up many fans who are likely to watch her new show. Her previous experience as a CNN legal analyst should also help.

  • Greta Van Stusteren faces uphill battle

    Greta Van Stusteren faces challenges in her new job at MSNBC that will make it hard for her to succeed. She has strongly conservative views that played well to the core Fox News audience. But, she will be facing a viewership at the opposite end of the political at MSNBC that will be less likely to listen to her message.

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