• Look around you

    The earth is flat. Evolution never existed. We are evil but not evolved. This house is crumbling and we must stop the rEVOLUTION. Who believes in the bing bang knows little about science, The real god. The trumpets of judgment day have been blown. Where do you stand? In Hell.

  • Look a little closer!

    1. The earth is not flat, Get your facts right! , 2. Not everyone believes in what you say is “The Holy God”, 3. How can you say people who belive the Big Bang Theory know little about science, Because the Big Bang is based off of science (aka something we can prove, Unlike Gods existence ). I would just like you to take a step back, Learn something, And then come back with a reasonable response! Thank you. .

  • Not trying to be rude, But you should google evolution

    Makes no sense that the phenomena of evolution would just suddenly "stop". I don't understand how that could logically occur. Whether of not you believe in evolution, It would not be possible for it to occur one day and then suddenly stop occurring the next. This leads me to believe you have no idea what evolution is, So perhaps even the most basic of google searches will clear this up for you. Best of luck.

  • Evolution never stops

    Evolution can't be seen in real time, But it can be seen over long periods of time, Evolution never stops. A most recent example is the evolution of super bugs to become resistant to our antibiotics. There are species of owls that had their color change over a few generations to better blend in with their environment. Evolution is everywhere you just have to look closely.

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