• All Automakers Need to Become Advanced

    Aston Martin, like all of the world's automakers, must advance with technology. Otherwise, no one will buy their products. In addition to a V12 car, Aston Martin has also made hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well. Aston Martin will always be known as one of the world's classiest vehicles and modern versions are no exception.

  • They are known for it.

    Yes, advanced strides have been made in the workmanship of Aston Martin vehicles, because they are known the world over for the extensive amount of care that goes into their vehicles. Jeremy on Top Gear even did a segment that highlighted the stitching and other details that go into the work on the Aston Martin.

  • I Would Guess So

    I have never seen an Aston Martin up close and chances are, due to my income level, I never will. With that said I would assume there have been advanced strides in the workmanship of the vehicles. My understanding is that there a little bit of old and a little bit of new, but their too expensive for me.

  • Yes, they have been

    Advancements have been made in the workmanship of Aston Martin Vehicles. I think that over the past decade, this has become increasingly apparent and more noticeable. This seems to be to buck the trend of everything looking boxy and as if it were made by a machine. It's a good trend.

  • Aston Martin has come a long way

    The Aston Martin company has made great strides in improving the quality of their cars over the past several years. The workmanship has improved because management has put a greater emphasis on treating the workers well and having them be in good spirits. The company needs to continue doing the same thing.

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