• Yes it is

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  • Easy, Qualizes differences

    When using uniform, The focus is more distanced from the mortal, And what class you come from becomes less visible. Thus, Personality gets a bigger role in the environment, Which can give a greater chance of inclusion, Which everyone has the opportunity.
    Everyone has a brain, Not everyone has the same amount of money. How one behaves, One can always change (growth, Insight)

  • Students must follow uniforms

    Uniforms are what represents a school. A student must wear uniforms in school as it shows that they are a part of that school. If students were asked to wear any clothes they wished, Some students may get bullied because of their physical appearance and type of clothing they've worn. Therefore, I strongly suggest all schools follow this "uniform" method.

  • Students do not have to wear a uniform

    Students should not be forced to wear a uniform at school because it dulls out the looks and it removes the colors of the large variety of shirts that exist out there. Also if students are forced to wear uniforms then students won't be able to express them self's even more with the shirts they wear.

  • It's bad, Depressing and dull.

    Children should not be forced to all look the same. Teachers are always saying 'Be unique and be yourself' etc, But this is difficult when you have to wear the same uniform as everyone else. There is no good reason for school uniform to be used, It makes school more boring for children. France manages just fine.

  • I think students should not have to wear uniforms.

    I personally feel students should be given the right to express themselves, And somedays you might just want to wear sweatpants, So we shouldn't be forced to wear something that makes us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies. Most students would be happier give that right I feel, And it would have a more positive impact on our world.

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