How do you Think Kobe Bryant´s Helicopter Crashed This Morning?

Asked by: Charzilla
  • Kobe And Gianna Forever

    I think that the helecopter crashed because their was a lot of fog which means the pilot couldnt see and also if the helecopter kept going in circles over and over again it would most likely means that the helecopter was in a bad condition and it needed to land.

  • I think his helicopter crashed by. . .

    I think Kobe Bryant´s Helicopter Crashed this Morning by Something Going wrong with the Engine, But I am not sure. This was a very tragic moment though, And his daughter was on the copter with him. Maybe it turned off at a point and they couldn´t turn it back on, Maybe? Anyone else! ?

  • I think it was caused by humans

    Helicopters rarely fail.
    1. Some worker was lazy and did not do maintenance.
    2. Someone wanted to kill him.
    Celebrities always die in freak accidents. Maybe he refused to do something or maybe he owed people or maybe someone was coercing him.
    I would follow the money or ask if someone with connection to the military or government was with him.
    Call me crazy if you want but the best conspiracies are the one no one suspects.

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