I think we should keep the penny because it's useful sometimes and when were about 3 cents sort then if we have penny's.

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  • They should replace the penny

    I actually save all of my change and the penny is too wasteful.
    You need 5 pennies to equal on nickle. I used to work in sales and I went through a lot of pennies. The math would be simple if we only had a nickle as the smallest currency. The could mint a new Lincoln coin worth 20 cents. You are better off saving anything higher

  • Should we keep the penny?

    Not if it cost more to make them! More government Waste. . Maybe it’s intentional because as most of us know, They skim off the top of everything there is to skim. . If they’re so worried about money, Then why not get rid of it? I know. . . The 99 cents at the end of most products? Just a theory. .

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