If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, Does it make noise

  • Yes it does

    Those are supposed to be illogical questions to blank someones mind and show that some things are illogical. A load of garbage. A tree will make a sound because there is always life to hear it.

    Avoid philosophical people because they are the most ignorant and blind people of all. You can have a flat tire or be trapped in a burning building and they will waste time debating on weather or not to help and reach no conclusion at the end.

    I hold a janitor in higher regard than a doctorate of philosophy

  • Waving Through A Window

    When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around
    Do you ever really crash, Or even make a sound?
    When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around
    Do you ever really crash, Or even make a sound?
    When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around
    Do you ever really crash, Or even make a sound?
    When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around
    Do you ever really crash, Or even make a sound?
    Did I even make a sound?
    Did I even make a sound?
    It's like I never made a sound
    Will I ever make a sound?

  • Sound exists in the outside world.

    Sound is made when something vibrates and makes a wave in the matter around it. What you think of as noise is how your brain processes and reacts to the wave. But this debate is less about whether or not the tree made a noise, But what noise is. Some people think it's what your brain perceives, And some think it's the wave itself. But since it's the wave that makes the noise, The tree still makes a noise. #realist

  • Absolutely and Clearly Yes

    For a tree to be present, There has to be an ecosystem supporting it. All of the arguments surrounding the fact that it falling wouldn't make a sound because there is nothing to hear is rendered null for several reasons. Firstly, For a tree to survive, There needs to be water. If there is water and enough nutrients to support the tree, It is a logical progression for there to be at least bacteria in the soil. For a tree to grow, A seed is needed first. The existence of the seed implies that either a human planted it (someone who can hear it), A bird (something to hear it), Or wind carried the seed. In the instance of the wind carrying the seed, There has to be a thriving ecosystem nearby--again, Something to hear the sound.

    On another level, If we're assuming the tree evolved from nutrients in the soil (biologically impossible, But we'll go with it), The entire surrounding area would be reasonably far into the evolutionary scale, And small animals would likely be around to hear the sound.

    Also, The presence of nutrients in the soil needed to sustain the tree implies the existence of small organisms capable of breaking large substances into the fundamental biologically needed elements.

    Yet another argument that nullifies the relativity of sound is the falling of the tree itself. When a tree falls, It is nearly ALWAYS due to either disease, Human or animal interference, Fungal growth, Or some other secondary factor. For these to be present, It is a simple logical progression for there to be organisms around who can hear the sound.

    Lastly, The fundamental argument: sound isn't sound unless received and interpreted. Sound is made up of sound waves right? Simple enough. Yes, We do interpret them as sound, But the argument that it needs to be interpreted in order to exist is a clear logical fallacy.

    ~A High School Freshman

  • This Thing Called Science

    There is this thing called the speed of sound, Even if you aren't a round to hear a tree fall, Animals an other things still hear it duh NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Some people don't understand, But there is this great quality in a small amount of people called COMMON SENSE!

  • It would make noise

    No duh sherlock. If people scream it would make noise, If people fall down, It would make noise, If a wolf howled then it would make a noise like this: WHOWHWO IHWWHIWHWIH OWH OHOHW O HO HO WHOW H OHW O WH WOHWOW HOW HWO this is why trees should/ and would make noise

  • No. Senses are constructs.

    Sight, Smells, And in this case, Sounds, Are all things created by our minds when they process things around them. When you look at a candle, For example, The light is being emitted from it and hitting your eyes. If this sight process didn't happen, Then the candle might as well wouldn't be making light. A person blind from birth does not understand sight. Sighted minds create sight. Same thing with the tree: is a deaf person sees a tree fall, He only sees the tree fall. Sound doesn't exist to him.

  • No, Without a receptor (ear) there is no sound, It remains a wave.

    It's the same with colors. Do colors exist without the eye/brain? No, There is no color in the external world. It's the same with sound. Most of our sensory experience is inside our own heads and non-existent in the world.

    This is all well-known science, The universe is emergent from data, Not matter. This is quantum physics 101.

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