If we use technology to preserve something natural, Is it natural?

Asked by: IsabelPie
  • Yes it's natural if. . .

    Yeah natural stuff is still natural if its preserved by unnatural as long as the natural stuff doesnt mix with the unnatural preservatives. Its not in its natural state but it's still from nature so then i would have to say that it is still a natural thing because it's natural.

  • Dehydration is perfectly normal and has been used for thousands of years

    The best mean to preservation is dehydration and will make most foods last almost indefinitely. There is no need for GMO shit of carcinogen salts, Calcium hydroxide or other brain damaging and sterilization agents.

    So it all depends on what you define as "technology". Is GMO "technology"? No, It is poison.

  • Um. . . I don't know what to say here

    If we take something natural, And put it in an area were nothing can decompose, Is it still natural? I would think so, Because we aren't replacing it, Or having it remade over and over again. This way, We can keep things the same without having to replace it, In this way preserving it.

  • No it not natural but why is it bad

    Food should rot in a few hours or days but look you have a freezer and a refrigerator. You should not have certain foods available all year long. And yet you have bananas and other foods. Even vacuum sealing and pasteurization or UV is not natural and you still eat it.

    And then people. Some people have a useless heart and they use an artificial one. Is that something evil? It is not natural but no one treats them like some cyborg.
    Should people with no legs be forced to be immobile because prosthetic legs are unnatural.
    Man uses technology and technology is something natural from man. Metals should be in the dirt and yet we have made them into something else. And Concrete is artificial stone.
    Few things are natural in this earth.

  • The Lincoln's Axe Q

    If Lincoln's axe has had the head replaced once and the handle twice, Is it still Lincoln's axe? . . . And I would put it to you again, Said the contentious individual in need of more words, "If Lincoln's axe has had the head replaced once and the handle twice, Is it still Lincoln's axe? "

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