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  • Why on earth not?

    If you can afford it, then you can probably also afford an education for your children, all the nice stuff you want, a nice car, the biggest mother******* ring for your wife, a gigantic pool, a 100" TV, the best reclining chair on the market, and would probably be able to give a nice wad of cash to charity. I might also hire 20 trained security guards in case yall think it's "not safe". It would be too chill to turn down.

  • No I would not.

    If I had that much money, I would use it usefully. I would donate to animal shelters and child foster homes. I would buy equipment for hospitals. I would buy products for people in need. I wouldn't use my money for useless things like buying myself a sports car or a huge house. "Giving someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world." - Michael Jackson

  • Other Things I'd Rather Have

    I'd use the money to buy a modest house on a couple hundred acres for around 500k, along with some nice farming equipment, get me a couple classic muscle cars, buy a few nice guitars and a grand piano.

    I'd give the rest of the money away to family and friends, as well as some charities. "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"

  • I surely would not.

    If I had $195,000,000 there are so many other things I would spend it on besides a house. Like for example stocks, paying off debts, for my entire family, charities, and other things to make more money. Now if the only thing I could use the money on was the house, than hell yea

  • No, I would never buy a $195 million dollar house.

    No, you would never see me purchasing a house that much money. Instead I would rather have a smaller, cozier property to myself and share my money with my family, friends and with local charities. I have no need for a house that much money and I probably never will need one that big.

  • No definitely not.

    Why would we waste our money on things we don't need?
    In PSHCEE (subject) our class was taught about values. Values are things that we need not what we want. It would be a big waste. We can spend money on more important things other than this. For Example: books school fees.

  • No, who would???

    You should save your money for other things, like maybe an education for children (if you have any), or donate some to charity. You may get a nice house and then you can live in it for a long time. You can get nice clothes, nice food, and other enjoyable things using the money that you could have used to get an over expensive house.

  • Too much to worry about.

    If I had the money, I would buy a very nice house, but I would not buy a $195 million dollar house, because there would be too much to worry about. The costs to upkeep a 195 million dollar house would be very high. The insurance bill would be high and so would the utilities. It would be too much for just my family.

  • No I wouldn't!

    Everyone now a days seems to want everything big and huge but that for me, has never ever been attractive. If I had 195 million dollars to spend on a house I would spend it on much funner things! I don't even think a big house feels cozy anyway, I'd much rather a nice sized cozy house that you can actually fill with furniture!

  • nope i would't

    I would buy a house that would be comfortable, nice, and safe for my family to live in. I would have a few extras, of course, if I had the money. $195 million is excessive. What stuff is in their that makes it worth that frikkin much? I better have gold dipped toilets and money toilet paper rolls for that cost.

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