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In terms of graphics, Moddability and Price, Do you think Minecraft is a good game?

Asked by: kinker31
  • Yes if you want most things cubed.

    The price should not be a problem due to the re playability and how long the game has been out for. I would say definitely buy it on the PC if not Xbox. If you buy it on the PS4 there are no mods apart from texture packs. Mods are various and Minecraft allowing the user to change version in the application before booting the game allows you to play pretty much any mod Minecraft ever had without version restrictions. Graphics is not the best but it should not be a problem. If you really want it to look fancier download mods but Minecraft was more about substance then aesthetics. You'll get used to the graphics.

  • Imaginative and creative

    A game that makes you think and see the future ahead. When other games usually tell you stories, MINECRAFT will give you a chance to tell your own story. That is what makes this game even greater than others. I only add my opinion about story aspect, Which is one of the most important aspect of a game.

  • It really is a good game

    I can't really say too much, However, I'm doing a paper on this, And I need some sane criticisms and support (and whatnot) for the game, As looking through the negative opinions on Minecraft makes me want to carve out my brain with an icepick. But yeah, I would give it a chance, If I were you.

  • I don lik

    Roblox is better, It has roblx battlefeld were you can shoot lots of guys and its more fun then building a house and digging holes, You can also catch pokemons too. Mine craft cost money to and roblx is free, Ther is also no guns in minecraft

    Thak ya 4 ur time

  • It was a fad

    Minecraft largely became popular because nobody prior to Notch had successfully created a sandbox voxel based game with as much detail or ease of access. In terms of modern, Procedurally generated games where players can build and explore, Minecraft is easily outclassed by other games such as No Man's Sky. The game was a novel concept, And hasn't really changed much from the alpha in 2009, And in my opinion hasn't aged well.

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