In the next 500 years, Will Earth be in a better state than it is in currently?

Asked by: djndiaye
  • The millennial kingdom will be here

    All of these events that are happening were foretold in the bible. Freak weather earthquakes plagues (because plagues are returning) violence lack of love from people and and people who love themselves.

    It tells that a mighty leader will emerge and bring peaces to the world and have all sort of miracles and signs follow him. He will be the smartest person ever seen and people will adore him.

    He is the antichrist and he will destroy the world. Then Jesus will finally return not as the meek sandel wearing carpenter but in his true form. He will lay his judgement on the world and finally make everything right. He let humans do what they wanted but the time for judgment came.

  • It most likely will be better

    If humanity is wiped out, Which I think it has about 180 years (2200) before becoming extinct. The world will be a better place, No more wars, No more major pollution and a more balanced in nature. I highly doubt humans will be able to adopt to serious effects of climate change. 300 years the world would be healing yet, But a lot of the damages will be gone.

  • Yea most likely

    When we run out of oil and coal we will have no choice to either adapt to greener alternatives or die disgracefully, Either way ends well for the earth, But lets be real here, The moment the baby boomers are gone the only place the earth can go is up.

  • Will the Earth even exist?

    Well, We don’t know about that, But in this state, No. This climate change is taking over our planet and there will be irreversible change. Droughts, Storms, Floods, Tsunamis, And much more natural disasters are going to occur. Even if the Earth exists 500 years later, I assume that it will be overpopulated and desperately in need of natural resources such as coal. The human population is increasing rapidly, And I can’t even imagine what it would be like in 2519. People running over each other, Sky-high skyscrapers bunched together in one street, It would be way too crowded to live peacefully. Also, We are using up our natural resources. Fast. If we do not find another source of power, Electricity etc, We are going to run out of basic needs. If might seem fun, With all the new technology and gadgets, But really, The Earth’s condition is much more important than flying taxis or mind reading machines. Because the Earth is what we live on, What we rely on. And if we don’t act fast, Our planet is going to die.

  • More than just technology

    Global issues are alive and well and don't seem to be going away any time soon; there will be technological developments but things such as climate, Human overpopulation, Poverty, Outbreak of wars, And basic human rights. When people envision the future, Most people will think about robots and huge skyscrapers but there is so much more to that.

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Chloebadar says2019-12-11T21:28:03.930
I think yes.

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