Is 90s hiphop/rap better than hip hop/rap right now

  • Here is the thing about today's rap

    As a 16 year old, I can say that your "rap icons" of today are complete fakes. What do you think they even do? They don't write their own lyrics or compose the instrumentals or sit in a live room with an electric drum kit! They do the fun stuff and get paid hella money for it.

  • Stop hating people

    Stop hating on development and evolution no matter now hard or how much you push stuff will always develop so stop hating on people trying to rap differently. Because everybody has a style that works for them. But no matter how hard you try to be against it. MUSIC WILL ALWAYS CHANGE AND DEVELOP AND EVOLVE. And you can’t stop that

  • Different song types

    The main issue is that people need to stop thinking every 90s song is Dear Mama or Brenda’s got a baby. Because that’s not the case, And old heads just seem to think that. But that’s just not the case. Nowadays hip hop is more hip and more hype and just ultimately better, With the awesome beats and the different types of raps, Like gangsta rap, Emo type rap And the flows are just better, Like look at Shadys flow or look at Kendrick or j coles skills nobody wants to listen to all that nineties shit. But I get that new age kids and millennials won’t understand any of that stuff anyways so don’t criticize the music they grew up with. And music is supposed to develop over time so stop hating on the development of an era. But I won’t say all the guys now are good. And I’m not saying all the guys in the 90s are bad I’m just saying that people need to stop saying that 90s hip hop is better. Because it just wasn’t as popular as hip hop is now.

  • Have ya'll heard logic lmao?

    It's so much better now. People have a message they want to relay, And people are getting it. But like ya'll also have to think that in 20+ years when they're asking if their rap music was better than ours we're probably gonna stand up for our generation. But again HAVE YALL HEARD LOGIC LMAO? WHAT A DAMN ICON

  • Music style changes.

    I'm sure that anyone from the 90s era thinks "absolutely" to this debate, But the answer is simply no. Everyone has their own taste in music, Music styles change, People are going to continue doing what they like. 90s hip hop/rap is good, But so is today's. They cannot even be compared just because of the simple fact that the styles are different.

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