• Yes he is.

    Grizzi is so much better he has carried atletico madrid through competitions and now he is not flopping at barcelona he is a legend. This is because he never flops has amazing technique and control over the ball its insane. That is why a. Griezmann is the best. Thank you.

  • It is so clear that Griezmann is the better player!

    Griezmann plays with Messi, Suarez, De Jong, Godin, Oblak, Mbappe and more. He plays for FCB. He won the World Cup and scores 4 goals. He has FIFA 20 rating 89 while Bale is only 85. He is rank higher in La Liga, Rank 6 more than Bale. He did way more passes and score better-looking goal.

  • Maybe in the future, But not yet.

    Bale has won the Champions League four times which is already better than Greizmann. Yes, He hasn't won a world cup but that's not his fault because he doesn't play for a world class team like Greizmann. NangAtletico, Please don't look at FIFA ratings because that isn't the best way to justify who's better than who. And for your information, Bale scores a lot more better looking goals than Griezmann. In their last finals, Griezmann scored a penalty (world cup) and Bale scored a bicycle kick. See the difference?

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