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Is America more Left leaning than Right leaning and Is this a good thing?

Asked by: Exotic_HIppo
  • If all are including all leftists from center-left to Communism yes

    The left has been on the raise in the United States since the early 1800's. The difference is back then they fought against actual racism and discrimination. Its hard to tell the statistics between the number of conservatives and liberals in generations since the Republican and Democrat parties switched views in the mid 1900's. You can see however in recent generations from gen X that people have been moving more and more left until gen Z or Zoomers who are predicted to be way more conservative then Millennials. The reason I think this has happened is because before the conservatives were seen as the Authority and a liberal counter culture formed around that. Well know I believe Zoomers see liberals as the Authority and form a moderate/conservative counter culture around that. I think that liberal control over schools, Hollywood, And mainstream media has been pushing their dominance, But soon will be their downfall it didn't work for conservatives in the 60'-70's and it won't work for liberals know.

  • Right. Has always been and probably will continue to be.

    I'm not going to put my personal beliefs in this answer (I closely align with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard), However I will acknowledge the misinterpretation of the term "left-" most American politics is in the Authoritarian Right quadrant of the political compass. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Etc. Who are typically regarded as "leftists" are actually just liberals. Leftists are WAY different than liberals. The only candidate running in 2020 that could truly be defined as a leftist is Bernie Sanders, Who falls close to the middle of the political compass, A little bit south-west of the center. Most candidates running in 2020 are still right-leaning, Just more left-leaning socially. So, In the event that Joe Biden wins in 2020, America will still be right.

  • The United States, At least in terms of its government, Is far more conservative-leaning (as of 2019).

    It's plain to see, The Republicans have the majority in everything but the House, And the Democrats we do have are mostly bought, Corporate, Milquetoast shills. To give a couple examples, We've had the capability to instate a single-payer system for a long time, But we haven't due to big money, Despite the numbers being overwhelmingly in favor of Medicare for All. Our government is still engaging in foreign wars for profit and using gaslighting tactics to obscure the truth from the masses. And those are just two of many.

    Our government, Beyond the simple spectrum of left and right, Is an oligarch's wet dream. It should go without saying that this is a very, Very bad thing.

  • It ebbs and flows

    If you were to watch the regular news media, Entertainment media and social media, One might assume everyone is left-leaning. Certainly, The majority of major cities lean left right now, As do the coasts. But in the heartland, It's solidly right-leaning. Most political polls show a near even split between republicans and democrats in almost every major topic.

    In our contemporary world, There are, As British journalist David Goodhart describes it, Those who can live “Anywhere, ” and those who live “Somewhere. ”

    Imagine you work for an international bank, Computer company, Or consulting firm. You can wake up in New York, London, Or Singapore and feel at home. Your work is not threatened by import competition or technological dislocation. You vocally support all international trade agreements and high levels of immigration. You are one of those who can live "Anywhere". There are a lot of these people, But there are a lot more that are completely different.

    Let’s say you’re a factory worker, A small-businessperson, Or in retail sales. Your work has been disrupted by outsourcing, Cheap imports and technological change. Your children attend the local schools and your aging parents live nearby. Your social life is connected to a local church, Sports team, Or community group. If things go badly at your company, Or if policy choices by politicians turn out to be wrong, You can’t just shift your life to somewhere else.

    Like it or not, You depend on the economic policies of your national or state government. When it doesn’t come through for you, You’re not happy.

    . . . And when it ignores you entirely, You get angry.

    It’s easy for "Anywheres" to dismiss these concerns, But the "Anywheres" faith in global solutions and multi-national political bodies is founded more on fantasy than fact. The fact is, The critical functions of laws and regulations and monetary and fiscal stability, Among other things, Are provided by nations, Not global institutions.
    The nation, With all its flaws, Is a concrete reality.

    The “global community” is little more than a concept. Yet it is the "Anywheres", With their faith in globalization—not the "Somewheres"—who have dominated the politics of almost every advanced country.

    That is, Until now. 2016 was the big surprise with Trump, And it's set off a panic attack in democrats like never before. The continuing presence of 24/7 media and social media mean we're getting bombarded with opinion and rhetoric all the time.

    It's a mistake to equate frequency with majority.

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