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  • Apples offers several options

    Apples are better than bananas because of their variety and many uses. There are countless types of apples and no fruit is so easily used in everything from breakfast to desserts to juices and beyond. Apples are delicious whether cooked or raw, Sweet or tart, Etc.

    While bananas are also delicious, They simply cannot compete with the apples' contributions to one's plate and palate. And, Nobody ever said "A banana a day, Keeps the doctor away. " ;-)

  • Banana is NOT better than apple

    Bananas are sticky and hardly any juice n it just like sticks together in your mouth apples are nice n crunchy n lots of juice so apples are better but bananas are also kinda nice so they r equal. This may sound stupid but im not even 10 so apples are more famous bananas come in third

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