• Being Gay Is a choice.

    How is being gay not a choice? It is a choice, just like you would decide to wear a specific shirt on a specific day. A gay person once told me, ''Do you think we just woke up one day and decided to be gay?'' Yes I do, first of all if you were made gay, and the people before you were gay, THEN HOW THE HECK WERE YOU CREATED??

  • It is not right and it will never be right. I defies Nature's Law

    1. It is not right
    2. It violates the 'natural law'
    3. It ruins how we think
    4. Many people will think that it's acceptable then soon, the whole world will be marrying people with the same gender so the human civilisation will collapse. This is because there won't be many offsprings.
    5. It will offend God.
    6. It offends me
    7. It's disgusting
    8. The Bible says that it's wrong
    So in conclusion: No, I don't support gay rights and I hope that Gay Marriage/rights will not be legal in many countries

  • Gays don't respect others opinions when we respect theirs

    They are ignorant to the fact that they AREN'T born gay. They have a choice. It's a sin in Gods eyes. He still loves you though. But you need to reevaluate yourselves if your gay. Being gay is unacceptable. A child needs a mom and a dad. Their education is AWFUL and has been proven so, with same sex parents. If you care about children, don't be gay.

  • It is contrary to human instinct.

    Homosexuality is a choice. It is not determined at birth (genetics makes that very clear). It contradicts basic human/animal instinct. Every species has evolved so that it can efficiently produce more of its own kind while surviving for as long as possible. The instinct to have sex (and thus continue the existence of the species is present in all animals). Gayness is contrary to this basic principal of animal existence.
    It is almost like suicide in that, just as suicide is contrary to survival instinct, it is contrary to reproductive instinct. Additionally, if all organism in a given species exhibited gayness, the species would die, not as quickly as if they all killed themselves, but it would die nonetheless. I'm not saying gayness is as bad as suicide, but the similarities were worth mentioning.

  • It is very stupid and should not be supported.

    This happens to be a ridiculius and stupid questions because everyone should believe that it is always wrong just like I believe that it is wrong. People that are gay need to go back and like women again because it is the right thing to do. This is what needs to happen so it will be right again.

  • Being gay isn't natural

    It seems most of the supporters saying it's okay to be gay, are gay. I'm not going to write Bible scriptures or anything, I'm just saying my opinion that being gay is naturally wrong. Tell me, if we are all made by science and nature which is true, why can't two men or two women have proper sex or even create a baby? It's because us Humans have sick minds and all always trying to find something new to rebel against a higher power, or whatever your reason may be. Also being gay is a choice, no one is born and automatically knows that they are gay.

  • Scientifically and Biblically

    Bible: a man shall not lay with a man as with a women
    Medically: the nature increases internal damage in men and increases disease transfer in women
    Naturally: two dudes can't have a child naturally
    Genetically: if being gay was genetic than the majority of twins where one was gay the other would be too. Studies show well less then half of twins with one gay are both gay.
    Genetically: if transgenders are your excuse than should shone be allowed to cut their legs off because children are born without legs? Should some be allowed to act mentally disabled because someone is born with mental handicaps. Bad excuse.
    Socially: if someone should have the right to marry gay shouldn't someone have the right to marry multiple spouses?
    Psychologically: if being gay is hard wired than isn't every other behavioral pattern?

  • It is very stupid and should not be accepted

    This should not be a question because it is stupid and not right to be that. People that are gay want to supported by people. They should know that it is not right and should not be tolerated. This should not be a question because it is very wrong. This happens to be my opinion and other people need to know my opinion on this subject.

  • Others Buisness GTFO

    People can do what they like, even if others don't agree.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay. It's just a way of life, no one can help it.

    Look at the posts on the opposite side of this one, do you think ANYONE would choose to be tormented like that? Bullied, teased, beaten? Trust me, If I had a choice, I'd be straight, but I don't. I am who I am and no one should be able to change that.

    Being gay might not be the norm, but if it makes you feel good, if you love the person your with, no matter what gender, skin colour, race etc then what others think doesn't matter. Enjoy life how you want to, don't let others get you down.


  • Gay is stupid and wrong

    Being gay is just bad, I mean, imagine a boy and a boy kissing and smooching each other... But it is only okay to be gay in the right way when a boy likes another boy as a friend so that's okay. But on the other hand, it is just bad, a boy and a boy cannot get married to another boy because it is not right and it is wrong.

  • How is it wrong?

    I'm gay and i did in no way choose to be like this, i don't think it is wrong at all because you cant help who you fall for! What difference does it make to anyone about someone else's sexuality?.. The answer is it doesn't. I think that many people are very closed minded and cant even begin to look at it from a different perspective than their own. I think that every lgbt gets tarred with the same stereotypical brush. I think people who say it is wrong are pathetic and childish!

  • How Is It Wrong?

    How could being gay ever, EVER be wrong? I am a strong christian, and I am GenderFluid, along with Pansexual. I believe strongly in Gay Rights, and that there is nothing wrong with it. Homosexuality is found in over 150 different Species. Dolphins have Gay Sex for Fun, there are breeds of Dogs that have Gay sex, and yet the only species that believes being Gay is wrong are humans. Why would it ever be a choice to be Gay? You don't help who you fall in love with, Just like I don't help If I fall in love with somebody of the opposite gender.

    And that whole thing about Gay men wearing Girly clothes and that gay voice is a stereotype, sure there are some gay men who do that, there are some strait men who do that. But it is not true to most people. I also have a cousin who is 5. He want's to marry his best friend. Who is Male. And nobody told him he has to.

    And hell, In the bible it says it's a sin to wear clothing made of two different types of material.

  • Can't Help Who You Love

    There is nothing wrong with being gay. If two men or two women fall in love with each other, then they deserve to be happy. Despite ancient prejudices in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, falling in love isn't evil. There is no excuse in today's contemporary society for accepting homosexuality. Yes, it is against the norm and yes, it is natural for people to be afraid of the unknown. However, hate is not a family value. It's okay to fear something until you understand it, but don't hate homosexuals based upon prejudicial fears.

  • Being gay is okay

    I'm gay and ever since a very young age I knew something was different about me. I always found boys to be really cute and fascinating. You just don't know at that age for sure because I didn't even know there was a word for it. Being gay is definitely not a choice though. Science has proved that it has to do with genetics. On my mothers side I have two blood related lesbian aunts, a bisexual cousin, and a gay uncle. I respect different opinions. I just don't want to be hated on for who I am.

  • I Just Want A Compromise

    I'm gay and I don't really know why, but I think it is wrong when people think of we as a bad person because of my sexuality. So what if I like men? I don't have girly color clothes, definitely do not have a "high pitch voice" and I don't wear V-neck, tight clothes. Sure, that is some gay people, but not all. You say to defend my sexuality choice is a bandwagon, but so is your choice in saying most of "us" wear this kind of clothing. This is a media point of view. I like BBQS with my family, and I do a lot of the grilling. I am a loyal American. I am extremely generous and give to charity. Really, heterosexual guys and homosexual guys don't have much of a difference. However, I do respect the other sides opinion, and don't say that it is wrong, just misinformed. The pope is making changes to the church, and some changes are, (in my POV), a good thing. Admit it, a book, even a divine one, cant be right every time if it was written over 1900 years ago. And I am a book lover, so believe me when I say that. I just wanted to say that I'm not wrong, but neither are you. I just hope one day we can have true seperation of church and state, so I can be married.

  • Gay is not wrong

    It does not directly say in the bible that a man having sexual attraction towards another man is an abomination. It doesnt necessarily mean gay is bad. Back then was a time where we needed constant reproduction, which could be what the bible meant. Also, gay is NOT in any way shape or form hurting anyone.

  • Being gay is okay!

    First I'll start off with a few counters to the generic arguments against gays.
    1. "Being Gay and raising children depraves the child of their right to a mother and father!" So that means we shouldn't let single parents raise children?
    2. "You aren't born gay, you CHOSE to be gay!" Then when did you CHOSE to become straight?
    3."It will offend God!" Not everyone believes in YOUR GOD or ANY GOD at all! You're basically forcing your religion onto others.
    4. "The bible says it's wrong!" See number 3
    5. "It offends me!" Well you aren't the only person in the world who matters, sweetheart. (Note I mean sweetheart sarcastically)
    6. "Children won't understand it/I can't explain it to my children!" There are SO many ways to explain it to them, just look it up if you're so upset.

  • People need to be who they are

    Don't get me wrong; today's society has changed drastically from 30 years ago. But we still need to push until we are all equal. Being a high schooler myself, I see gay relationships often. A few girls I know are lesbian or bisexual and they do not get bullied. I think that lesbian relationships are far more accepted in today's society. There is a gay senior that is tortured by the football players at my school and the school board won't do a thing about it, which is inhumane. Even though things are getting better there's still a lot to improve on. Tell me this: the bible says eating shell fish is an abomination too, where do we see protests for people who are eating shrimp? We dont, or people who have gotten a divorce? That's a sin. We let them marry again. You see, so many hypocritical Christians want to harp on the fact that god says it's wrong... Last time I checked this wasn't a theocracy whatsoever. Many kids deny their sexualities because they don't want to be disowned by their families for what they like. Of that's not remedial then I don't know what is. So just take a step back and realize that this is a democracy. If you want anti gay laws move your ass to Russia.

  • It's really none of your business

    Why do you care if someone ELSE is gay or not? Sure you might see a gay couple on the street but it's not hard to turn and look the other way! So here's my arguments for different reasons (I will tackle religious reasons as well)
    1- it's never stated that being gay is wrong and any interpretation of that is clearly your own way of interpretating it (I may have missed a verse though)
    2- one of God's ten commandments is to love your neighbor, not love your neighbor unless he/she is homosexual. By defying this law you sentence yourself to hell just as much as a homosexual
    Personal opinions of anti-gays
    1- it's not your life, stop trying to dictate how other people should live, because in the end, you matter very little and when you die your opinion dies with you
    2- love is love. Why in the hell should it matter what gender you are? Nothing is "normal" and if you think otherwise then go to another part of the world. I guarantee you some, or most, of the things you do that you think are normal are considered abnormal elsewhere
    3- there is not one fact you can state that would prove that being homosexual is wrong. Not one. It's all personal opinion and guess what? Personal opinions have no foothold in the real world
    4- have you ever thought that some of the people fighting for your freedom are homosexual? They aren't giving their lives so you can keep crusading against their sexuality and if all homosexuals in the armed forces stopped fighting for our country then we'd be really far up shits creek as that would land a huge blow on our military personnel to the point we might not be capable of defending ourselves very well
    I could go on all day but in the end you have to ask yourself, why do I spend my time hating them? Life is too short to have hate and if you do spend your time on this world hating, then one day your going to wake up old and very and wonder what you could have done differently to make those moments count.

  • Nothing Wrong with Being Gay

    I don't believe there is anything wrong with being gay. My two aunts are by far my favorite relatives, they have gone through a lot after and before getting married. But most of my family supports them. Being straight doesn't make you any better then anyone else. Gay or lesbian parents also raise better children I believe because those kids learn to be more understanding in the world, not as judgemental.

    Written by: 12 y/o Straight Christian who doesn't judge

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Nemo-The-Great says2015-05-18T21:17:24.757
Honest question: where should when should we consider a sexual orientation to be wrong? (when it reaches polygamy? When people clame to be attracted to family members (sister, brother, father, mother)? Being attracted to animals? Being attracted to objects?) are we then going to argue for marriage about those things too? To be allowed to marry your pet dog and call it a wife? And then also get married to your dad and call him a husband?
Brainy_man says2017-04-16T18:21:58.660
Being gay is the worst cases of all.There is nothing as gayism and some sort of stuff like that.Like u believe that ghosts exist ,similarly it is what the concept of LGBT exist ence says.It is your fucking mind ,which messes with stuff, and u as a person accept the bad influences of bad people with no scientific evidence.And then u just destroy your life.Where is the scientific evidence man??? There is nobody who can prove that gayism exists except some retards that insist that they are gay.

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