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  • Bowser is stronger is many ways like physical strength, Magic and weight while mario is a little strong, Weaker in magic and lighter.

    The main reason bowser loses is because he is the bad guy but in reality if he wasn't, Mario would lose. In super Mario odyssey mario had to use bowser to complete the game and survive. Mario would not win because bowser provides mario with what he needs, In new super Mario bros wii he needs a button to kill giant bowser but mario can't damage him and the only way to win is to press the button to drain the lava to not even kill bowser.

  • He is the best

    Bowser is the best. Period. No questions asked. Hes a good dad and is persistent and strong. Mario just beats up all his minions, So why can't he get mad. He also most likely was there before mario came to the mushroom kingdom as well. Five words to fill space.

  • Bowser is the best

    You see, Bowser is not all that bad, He is a good dad and kills less than Mario. All he wants is a happy family but since he is big and different nobody lets him. Plus Mario takes all the credit and Bowser is sad inside so his son must of had a mother that passed away making Bowser angry.

  • Bowser is better

    Bowser may seem like the bad guy but he is not. He's complicated and a Great dad. While mario may seem like the good guy but but dose a good guy attack everything. Think about it the enemies aren't even hostile but you choose okay. So I bid you good day.

  • Bowser is a complicated man

    Yes, Bowser is seen as the villain in every game, And in some games he acts as though he is the villain, But in actuality he is trying his best to rule the kingdom for which he has been ruling for years now. He has been by himself raising Bowser Jr and the Koopalings as they work for his army, But perhaps he is kidnapping peach to give them a maternal figure. In Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr does refer to peach as mom, And although she probably is not his mom, She could easily be the only motherly person in his life. And when she gets kidnapped, She doesn't try to escape herself, But waits until mario comes to rescue her. This shows some reluctance to leaving. Also bowser has the power to take over the entirety of the Mushroom Kingdom, But for the most part, He refrains. Perhaps this is out of respect for Peach and her livelihood, But once in a while he needs someone else at the castle with him that isn't a turtle or a mushroom. So I believe that there is a lot going through bowser's mind and Mario is not helping make it any better. There is a method to his madness so I hope to see Bowser grow.

  • Bowser is better

    Bowser has been the main antagonist of Mario games for years now. He is constantly being defeated and humiliated. He usually kidnaps princess peach. However,I feel that Bowser just wants some company around his gloomy castle. So when Mario keeps on defeating him,that is making him miserable. So go Bowser!

  • Mario is always better By: Mario

    Ok so first i AM MARIO! And second, Who says that! I mean, Bowser is the bad guy here, And its just weird that this is your opinion! We all know peach likes mario and invites him for "cake":) and has to save her from that bowser man that is what ugly means. But does peach invite bowser for "cake" no she doesnt! Anyways, Thats my opinion

  • Because browser is the villain

    Mario is the hero he saves a lot of characters in the games and the shows Mario is boss and browser is bad he kidnaps characters in all the games at lest one characters in each game he kidnaps them because he wants Mario to fight him all the time

  • Bowser is not better than Mario

    Mario is definitely better than Bowser because throughout the whole game Bowser is constantly being defeated by Mario. Also Bowser is just a low life criminal who should just be locked in jail and give princess peach the key that way she can hold him captive so he will know how it feels.

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