• Bullying created the greats of the world

    Like it or not, adversity spawns greatness. Read the autobiographies of Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Lincoln, as much as you hate others like Hitler and Stalin, more examples of people who were bullied in their youth, had something to stand up against and forged greatness within themselves and later others. Without bullies, this world would be without great men and women. Bullies provide an amazing service in this sense, and although some bullying can be taken too far (permanent physical damage), without it, you would have a world of sissies and sub-par. The marine corp bullies every recruit in boot camp, those who can't take it, leave, those who can become Marine's. Those Marines are the ones who kept this country safe. You must break the human mind early in this sense so that it cannot be broken later by others beyond their youth.

  • Put hair on your chest

    Back in the day, "bullying", was known as character building. You learned that the world in general is not the nicest place to be. You are taught that people will be mean to you, and that you have to decide to either ignore it or man up and show them that you are not to be messed with. Strength is in all of us and you just have to have the courage to find. That's what bullies teach us.

  • Bullying helped me

    Bullying doesn't help everyone, but sometimes it can help. It really depends on a person. Some people are strong enough to withstand bullying and others aren't. I've been bullied and now I'm 12. My life is still really hard. I probably wouldn't have lived if I didn't get bullied. Words are words, and they can hurt. Though it depends on the person. As long as it doesn't infringe on our rights I'm okay with it. It's cold of me to say this and you can disagree. Not every person will kill themselves because of this harsh reality.

  • Bullying is good for people.

    Nowadays, we have all of these anti bullying campaigns in schools, but these campaigns are just telling kids to run and cry, or tell a teacher the moment they get called fat or stupid. Kids need to be taught how to stand up to their bully and fight back, and not run off and cry the moment they get home. I am 12 now, and I was bullied in my first years of elementary school. I did not run off and cry. I did not tell a teacher. I learned how to defend myself. This kid that used to pick on me came to me and started calling me a ton of stupid stuff like 'fat' and 'dumb'. I then told him that if he was gonna pick on me and call me names, then he should leave and come up with some creative insults, because what he said to me is used 24/7. I did not say,"Oh that's not nice. If you continue I'm gonna get a teacher." I basically said, "I DO NOT CARE. JUST GO AWAY." Also, no matter how much anti-bullying stuff we put in our schools, there will still be bullying. You can not stop human nature from doing what it has always done. And with cyber bullying, you can literally just stop reading what the person is sending you. You don't need to prepare to cry by going on your e-mail and reading every message from the past week. I am not trying to be a jerk, I am just saying that this is what happens when we tell kids to do things like go tell an adult. And with cyber bullying, I see many kids with phones, some kids even younger than me. I don't think kids this age should even have phones yet. I'm basically the only person without a phone in my class, and I am okay with that.

    So, what I am trying to say, is that we need to start teaching kids how to defend themselves, and not cry like a little kid and tell them that they do not deserve what they are going through. Bullying makes you stronger, but only if you take the bullying the right way. If none of this works, then maybe try to not give people reasons to bully you. There is this kid at my school who is in 6th grade like me, and he looks like he weighs 250 pounds. All of the kids make fun of him, but what I like about him, is how he does not care about what they say. He does not cry, he does not get sad, he just shoves off the haters, like everyone should. Remember, I am not trying to be a jerk, or a bully, I am just speaking my mind.

  • Can Inspire Greatness

    I throw my sister about sometimes and I have to admit that it feels good. In the future, she will not thank me for it, but it will make her a better person who is able to stand up for herself. As mentioned before, throughout human history, we see that progress is only encouraged through aggression; if that is the only way to excel, then so be it.

  • Yes, it creates the greats of the world, and fishes out the weak.

    With a world that is only getting more competitive, i believe that all this anti bulling rhetoric in the educational environment, or in any environment is anything but healthy. Children need to learn that their wont always be someone to help you with your problems. It teaches children to stand up for themselves, encourages a "Ill show you" attitude that creates some of the best people in the world. It creates and promotes self confidence. By being bullied you either become stronger, or crack under the pressure. This weeds out the weak who are not fit to compete, and rewards hard work. If you look at any of the arguments on the other side, they are all ignorant. This is the world we live in, the strongest survive.

  • Bullying Serves Important Social Functions

    Bullying enforces social norms through negative punishment (you get bullied for not complying) and positive reinforcement (you get accepted when you comply). We use the same principle to teach autistic children how to act normal.

    Bullying has health benefits (for the bully) and negative health consequences (for the bullied). This is called natural selection. If a victim is strong enough to overcome it, maybe they are strong enough to breed. We shouldn't expect to coddle the weak and have a strong species.

  • It is natural and in some cases can be beneficial.

    A thought that bullying shouldn't exist is utopian and will never come true. That's just the way humans are created.
    Instead of teaching our kids to be running to the teacher every time something bad happens, we should be teaching them how to stand back. That's what builds character, not the bullying it self which, recieved passively, can indeed be dangerous.
    Not everything that makes you feel bad is bad, and if u can't stop it, do all you can to benefit from it.

  • Anti-bullying activists have never been bullied.

    I was picked on to the point of attempting suicide when I was a child. It made me stronger. The people who drove me to that point are the same people I hear spouting "bullies are mean" and "bullying is bad". I guarantee you, that every single anti-bully was never picked on a day of their life. Bullying is a fact of life. When you grow up and join the real world you'll notice that everyone bullies each-other.

  • Bullying helps increase strength of the victim.

    Most children who weren't bullied are more or less more likely to commit suicide in the future because of a mean coworker or boss. For example, during World War ll, there were many rapes and crimes. People weren't used to the inhumanity. Bullying helps boost strength. LGBT people should be bullied because they are sinners who complicate the world too. (Transgender bathroom issues.) Bullying also gives reasons for victims to fight back. If you are bullied, you should fight back in self defense.

  • No bullying is not allowed

    Why should be bullying if people are dying i mean why would you like to kill somebody thats cruel you will not go to the lord. Should we not go to god instead the devil i mean dont go dowm there instead go up not down . May the lord have your soul and forgive you.

  • Its wrong.. It's that simple.

    I was bullied from early elementary all the way till senior year of high school.. It started out kids throwing rocks and harsh words.. Then proceeded to hitting upside my head, pushing my down, ambushing me after and during school. I have memory loss, chronic migranes.. I turned to self harm and tried to commit suicide many times. I spent most of high school in and out of psychiatric hospitals trying to cope. And most they were bullying me for was my clothes.. Assuming how my life was behind closed doors. Talk of my mother. My father. They didnt know my father was abusive.. My mom was an alcoholic and was in yet another abusive relationship. That i was mentally, physically abused for many years. That i jepordized schooling to take care of my brother to make sure he was okay. They didnt know i feared everyday the fact my ex boyfriend had commited suicide when i was 14. But they judged, and they tormented me. There are 4 counts i should be dead. 3 that i stopped breathing. 1 that the effects started a day later, vomiting blood, couldnt walk, body compulsing, rushed the the er and strapped down while intibated because i wasnt going to make it. Bullying was the worst thing i could have been put through.. People say it makes you stronger, it doesnt. I stayed weak still 3 years after high school, till i found real friends, real family who taught me what really matters. Because if you dont have anywhere to turn to while its happening, any good to light your path... Then you loose the want and hope to live.. You cower and fear every day at school.. And you stop wanting to breathe. Because no one will help you, no one is there for you to turn to, no one will make it stop. Most school shootings are done by bullied students, most suicides are by bullied students. If you really think bullying is okay, then you support people who drive others to take their own life.

  • Why do you think that?

    It's very mean. I have a teacher that was bullied all his life. He went to a school in Milwaukee, and he was bullied. Then he moved to the Kewaskum area, and went to Kewaskum high school. He was also was bullied all his years there too. If you were him, would you want that? If you say yes, than you are nuts. If you were him, would have been as miserable as he was.

  • Never the right thing.

    You may think that bullying will make you tough and crap, but honestly, it is seriously bad for your health. Not to mention that it tears down your self esteem. Bullying increases your risk of a lot of serious diseases and is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER EVER the right thing to do.

  • Bullying is something that lowers the self-esteem of a person which makes really hard effects in ones life.

    If someone is bullied its because the one that is doing the harm is affected by something that has happened in their past of something that going on at the moment. And well its not something that some other person should have to get torched by because of someone else's fault this affects lots of parts of the brain and the emotions that they have and it brings the child or adult down to a point were they might think that all they are being told is true and they start to believe it, this makes many different types of damage toward their lives.

  • It is unnecessary

    When I was in the fifth grade I was bullied for over a year and it has caused me severe anxiety and depression. While it did teach me things, I didn't ask to be taught that way and it did not need to happen because both before and after my experience I had always been a caring person since birth.

  • Don't even think about it

    Bullying is for losers. If you area bully and your reading this you better change your mind or stay a loser forever. Innocent children are being bullied for no reason. People just bully because they have power over someone weaker than them. Bullying is absolutely not the right thing to do.

  • Bullying is never okay

    It's not about building character or strength. A loving home and supportive childhood is what gives people strength. Being bullied undermines self confidence, disrupts social communication and can leave people scarred for life. I work with kids and have also seen how often bullying someone is a cry for help or a symptom of a lot of social problems. Bullying is bad for everyone involved

  • Not now, not ever.

    Seriously. What kind of question is that? Bullying rips down a persons self esteem and permanently hurts them. It can push them into depression, self harm, and, in a lot of cases, suicide. So I do not think it's okay to purposely push someone over the edge like that. It does not build character. It brings it down.

  • Never, in a million years.

    Bullying has hurt me over and over. You think it's all good after they say "It's fine!" but it never really leaves. It's a rubberband in your face at your saddest times, and a weight on your shoulders during your happiest. Your self-esteem plummets and you just never wanted to die more than when others laugh at your value. It's a permanent scar that leads to more pain than gain, and it just hurts too much to explain. I landed into depression after being excluded everyday, and depression just seemed to open me up to knowing how horrible people can be to their own kind.

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