• Let the Free Market make the decisions.

    Free Market capitalism is the best way to increase economic growth, And to continue to innovate. The Market makes the decisions when it comes to what products should and should not thrive, The less government interference, The better. People should be as economically free as possible to pursue their ideas. And if their given product or service sucks, Then it will not succeed. Which is good for the market. A meritocracy, That is what Capitalism is, And that is what creates the best, Freest, And most advanced societies.

  • It is the best thing we have

    While it is not perfect capitalism is currently the only effective way of running an economy that we know. Socialism and communism seem good on paper and WOULD be good if people didn't suck, But, Unfortunately people suck. All that comes of socialism and communism is a few people in charge taking all of the money/resources for them selves while others starve and if this does not happen, As long as there is a capitalist nation nearby people will revert because having things is nice. This was the fate of all small scale socialist experiments in America and even the fate of the soviet union.

  • Capitalism is not designed for Average Person

    Capitalism is a economic philosophy that individuals, Or a small minority, Should own a company. This includes private rich people AND government agencies. USSR was a State Capitalist system, The government put in their own boards of directors and CEO's, It was all the same as we have here but the government owned companies. We have yet to actually see was state socialism even looks like.

    Capitalism is designed for you to own things, This includes companies in our current system. If a person owns a company, A legal person, They control everything that the people in the company do, Otherwise the workers are out of jobs. I think many people don't like aristocracies and monarchies, But that is what we have today at our work place. If you work for people, They will not let you get richer than them. They will use all their power to keep you down and them get up.

    Capitalism is when you use your capital to get more capital. Those that build a savings account, Hoard their money, Or buy lattes and other slight things are NOT capitalists. Your average person is not a capitalist. They live more like kings and queens of old, Living in luxuries and not trying to make their money work for them, Like what capitalists do. Rich people are rich because they make others work for them, And they keep their workers from getting richer, So they take more and more cut of profits.

  • Capitalism is the cancer that eats everything

    Capitalism killed video games, Sports, And youtube. Capitalism kills the poor people. Rich people get richer, And everyone else suffers. It lets Amazon lock workers inside cages. It is cancer and America needs socialism. Socialism will fix everything. Socialism is what everyone needs to end the class system. Tax the rich people.

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