• Broken arms and legs

    They literally make human pyramids and toss people in the air. I do not see tacklers moving with such speed and prowess. I do not know what high school you went to. Maybe you went to some sjw school where they just cheer like wimps. I saw some impossible moves from teen girls that look Olympic to me. But I would not want to join them they are very vicious and hungry.

  • The dictionary definition is:

    an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, As racing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Wrestling, Boxing, Hunting, Fishing, Etc.
    A particular form of this, Especially in the out of doors.

    Cheer-leading is an athletic activity requiring skill and physical prowess and it is competitive. Enough said, There are tournaments and other competitions so. . . Yes it is by definition a sport

  • H eeeeeee lllllll no

    Because they aren't doing anything they usally are just talking and walking around also all they do Is scream on top of their lungs for a team that proably isn't even that good in sports also all they do is lift people in the air and do flips all the time

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