Is Cinderella A Good Role Model For Young Children?

Asked by: Hamilton456
  • Yes, She is one of my heroes

    I grew up in an abusive household. My sister was verbally abusive, My father was toxic, And my mother was physically and emotionally abusive. Cinderella, To me, Represents the ability to escape that abuse, And to escape the cycle of abuse. I strive to be that kind and hopeful everyday.

  • Cinderella Is A Strong Women.

    Fall in the crowed if you want, But Cinderella is a unique strong women because not only is she strong, She's smart.
    Here's the proof that Cinderella is strong: Before she was even 10 years old she lost her father suddenly. Then for the next 8+ years she was abused. Yet, She was still happy and optimistic. If that's not strong I don't know what is.

    Cinderella is smart because as bad as it sounds serving her step-family was her best option. If she fought back she'd be left out on the street with no roof over her head. She also seemed relatively happy in what she was doing anyway. She'd go to "work" and then come home to her friends (the mice, Bruno, Birds, Ect). Why risk leaving when she was content here?

    Then, When the ball invitation came, Cinderella was exited. But she wasn't excited to meet a man to marry like her step-sisters, She was excited to see the place and have a night off. When she walked into the room it was the prince who interacted himself. She didn't even know it was the prince. She thought she just found love.

    Once the shoe thing was announced Cinderella was found out by her step mother and locked away. Seeing she had a real opportunity she defied her step-mother. Then, At the end, She saved herself by bringing her glass slipper and defeating her step-mother. In the end Cinderella pulled herself out of an ok situation to a life of happiness, With love as a bonus.

    Cinderella is a different form of girl power. She's a girl who can have feminine characteristics and be strong at the same time. Assuming that she's weak just because she doesn't face her situation in a "masculine" way doesn't mean that she's weak.

    I used to say no to this question but this video made me do a 180:
    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=huLSdm6IH0g

  • No a bad role model

    She creates a false illusion for every girl suffering in real life.
    Some girls are like Cinderella they are forced into labor and verbally abused and possibly physically abused as well.
    The movie made it seem like finding a rich man and seducing him into marriage is the only way out. Is he rich and handsome go to him.
    That is a bad idea because these girls will automatically fall for any good looking man or promise at a better life. Then they turn out to be horrible men and will enter into a life that is just as bad as their childhood. They seem to find the worst men and can never find a good man.
    It is something that I see happen and I dislike Disney for making such trashy movies. Then there are the very horrible ugly movies like Brave and Frozen where they tried to improve the narrative but in my opinion just made it as worst.

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