Is climate change the major tisk to human beings?

  • Of course, It is!

    We need politicians to start doing their jobs properly, To act quickly and to bring their A-game every time onto the table. Climate change is a serious issue. It is threatening every living organisms here on Earth right now, Including us as human beings. You might not see it, But it is already here.

    96% of the people are getting sick and tired of the "all talk, No action" mantra that politicians bring. We have enough of it!

    And to the people who think climate change is a hoax or a sham, Think again, Think twice. Open your eyes a little bit more. Read reports, Articles, Journals that are scientifically proven. You'll be surprised about the impact of climate change, Believe me.

  • YES! Climate change is incredibly REAL

    As you probably are aware, Climate change/global warming is only one of the many issues that pose a serious threat to our beloved world that we call Planet Earth, Our home. We have tactless politicians today, Many of whom, Have already drained and have completely depleted the available resources that we need to save our planet - Earth.

    The rising temperatures, Weather instability, Deforestation, Drought, Famine and the decimation of animal species are soaring at an accelerated rate, The likes of which we have never seen before!

    It is important for you and me, As citizens of the world to SPEAK UP and OUT. The decisions that we make now and in the years to come will determine and will generate a profound impact on the world that we all live, Cherish, Share and inherit.

    So, Let us now start looking out for the future. Spread the word around. Promote this to your family and your friends. Big change starts with small talk.

    Soon, Our children and our grandchildren will look at us in the eye and they will say, Thanks for all of the great and tremendous work that you did for us. And without your help, We will not have a healthier and safer world that we have now.

    So please, Do the right and honourable thing everybody.

  • It's the most dangerous risk to humankind

    First off, I don't know what "tisk" means, But i can just assume it was a typo

    Anyways, Climate change can easily be dangerous in specific regions in the world, North pole, And where the larger glaciers are, If they melt then the states on the coast of the US could be gone, Australia would be nearly submerged, New Zealand and most of Japan would be submerged.
    What makes this so dangerous is that we're causing it, And we don't really have a way to stop it either. What i mean is that, We're a bit too far gone to really change how we use resources, There's no way the world could keep functioning without using Oil, Gas, And similar things for however long it takes to switch to eco-friendly means

  • It is part of our planets cycle.

    Look at the history, The world has cycles of extreme heat, Extreme cold we are along for the ride.
    Calling it “global warming” is a simple tactic to create more regulations/laws/waste more money and if you look at the perfect example of California control over the citizens in the name of safety to such an extreme while the pollution has become worse from pollution from China.

  • No because "tisk" is not a word

    Spell things correctly! If you don't, People will think you don't care about things you post. If you don't care, Then why should anyone else. You couldn't go nine words without messing one of them up. Also, Be forewarned that if you accuse me of being a "spelling / grammar stickler". . . I will respond with "no, You just can't speak english". Also, If you say "come on! You know what I mean! " I'll say "then why didn't you SAY what you meant? ! "

  • A big fat no.

    I think that there are many other threats higher than ciimate change, Such as nuclear wars.
    These things are able to be a cause for extinction, Unlike global warminh, Wa have adapted to it.
    I know i may be wrong, But i don't like the topic btw.

  • We're a bigger risk to ourselves

    I know that we're the ones who created global warming, But I think that, With the way the world is evolving and politics are currently, There's a better chance of us destroying ourselves with violence or a couple countries setting off A-bombs before global warming can effect us.

    That said, I definitely think that global warming is a threat, And it should be treated as such. I just don't think it's more of a threat than ourselves.

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