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  • COD's just better, Sorry, I like to be honest

    1. COD MAY have alot of campers and it's pricy, But every single game is different while fornite is the same map/s every single time
    2. COD players DO require skill unlike some people mentioned that they aint, If you got no skill, No leveling up and you'll just be target practice.
    3. Call of duty involves servers which you can establish you are own community which is a hell ton better than that stoopid fortnite one
    4. You can make friends (sounds lame but. . . ), Like in fortnite you talk with you are teamates and crap, But in COD you know someone, Boi chat is filled and ppl gonna start hating on u
    5. The recordings on COD are real recordings which were recorded from Marines.
    6. THE GRAPHICS ARE FKING GREAT! What is fortnite? It looks like candyland
    Im basing this on Cod4 Modern Warfare and 2019 Modern Warfare but ye Call of Duty is better. . . PERIOD

  • Hi hello goodbye

    It is better and people are funny and it's nasaltic for old time players so by far it is the better game and you don't need to waste your money plus there is survival multiplayer co op and a campaign so yes it's better and cod players aren't crybaby's bye

  • It is good

    It is the best game fortnight is trash it suck and call of duty is better it is cooler then fortnight it is more op OJ then Bornite and it is more relax game and all you noobs play bronite and fornite is like my poop o yeah it sucks

  • If you've grown out of cartoons and enjoy nice graphics, Ditch fortnite.

    At the start of its release I would have said that it was a fair fight between the games. However, Now with all of fortnite's most recent updates, It's clear that the game is geared towards the younger audience. Epic games tried something new and bold, But in the end it backfired and we're all going back to our roots. COD is a classic franchise that features campaign, Multiplayer, Co-op, And much more. Especially with the new Modern Warfare (2019), The graphics are outstanding and create a level of immersion that you would never get from Fortnite's cartoon theme. Not to mention that I don't feel like a 5 year old playing the game.

  • Cod is better than fortnite because of the story line and past

    Call of duty has multiplayer, Companion, And single player plus the stories tell about what's happening and how it could effect the future. Fortnite on the other hand is like a zombie apocalypse but the zombies know how to build and shoot guns with star wars and earth weapons it's like a horror movie on skates.

  • This is why cod is better then fortnite;

    1: better graphics. What the hell is fortnite supposed to be fruit loop land?
    2: storyline. Cod has one of the most or the most cool storylines ever and even zombies has that quality.
    3: fortnite has one of the most idiotic commintiues ever. They say that someone is trash even though their the ons that died.
    And 4: their entire vocabulary insists on: trash, Bot, Garbage, And much much more.

  • Fortnite is trash in general

    Look fortnite is just the same thing over and over
    its not even fair for new players if youre a new player then youre screwed on the other side cod is a game that varies and is constantly changing and better cuz the way the players are fatched is equal

  • It is better than fortnite

    I love call of duty but until one day November 2017 my friend told me to play this game fortnite of course I loved bo3 so I said I will try it out I loved the game but season 4 ruined the game so I played bo3 some more to me fortnite SUCKS

  • Its has a better story and its all cool abpout it while fortnite its just a regular game.

    Fortnite has no story so it kinda makes no sense and other than that its not fun no more because of epics mistakes and all of that while call of duty has everything zombies, Story mode and multiplier, U cannot get bored of this game it just too good. Very good game

  • It is better

    Did has way better graphics then Fortnite and you don’t have to deal with kids who will build a 5 star hotel when you shoot them. Cod can teach ty to use the environment around you to help get better and you can work with a larger team that’s why

  • Watch me on TWITCH at dudoboi I play on Xbox one, If you play Xbox one add me if you are a Fortnite player

    Fortnite is just a better game in general it requires skill and call of duty is a super fucking easy game all you dumb ass call of duty players want to hear what I have to say. . . In call of duty you have a team of 8 to 10 going against the enemy team of 8 to 10 and you have to, As a team get to 100 points and the games lasts like 8 minutes I used to play call of duty my self and it was getting boring winning every mother fucking game over and over again there is no skill, Fortnite on the other hand you can play solos/duos/squads with friends that don't have the same console as called (cross-platform) and fortnite is a lot harder to win because 1) you are being shot at 2) your being pressured by a storm to keep you from camping in one spot on the map 3) fortnite is fucking awesome to play 4) call of duty is gay and boring

  • Cod is horrible

    Cod is probably going to die away in like 4 months like it always does. Plus, Cod 3 was only popular because it was the only recent game of the series, So basically the only decent one to play. Fortnite has done better than call of duty will ever be. I’d rather buy a PlayStation and play battefield hardline than play cod 4. Cod 4 is just a basic game. Way to basic FPS game

  • Fortnite is better Battle Royale

    The reason I say fortnite is better because you have to have skill to win fortnite but I’m black ops all I see is people who hide in building an camp like crazy but fortnite I see people rush everyone an get in build battles an the way to prove your good at fortnite is being able to build edit an hit shots but all you got to do in blackout is hide an shoot someone before they shoot you

  • BO4 doo doo

    In my opinion i have both games but rather not play blackops 4 at all ever since bo2 or 1 died out they were good but this, This is trash multiplayer is like a 30% and zombies is the 70% so blackout is a solid zero. I have played cod for like all my life and the recent cods are doo doo who even would play it first of all blackout is full of campers multiplayer has emotes and spray paints thats a copy of fortnite just stick with fortnite or even PUBG

  • Just stick With boring multiplayer!

    Every player camps! Its is the trashest game in the history of gaming, Why copy battle royale you trash players, Stick with the boring old nuketown multiplayer rather then try make a big HIT of a trash game, Seriously just make it original also the black ops pass outstanding price, Why would u make people pay £100 for the game altogether. Totally not worth.

  • Fortnite god y

    Yall add me ZacharyGamerGoa im a fortnite god i jhave reneade call of duty is fun but fortnite is better Fortnite has better graphics and you have too actually have skill Cal of duty is easy as shit my guy like como on now everybody knows it Call of duty is fun but easy

  • Cod is trash and dodo

    Call of duty is first person and trash hsujajdjsjjdjddjjfjfjfjfjfjfjjfjfjfjfj jsusijeuehe hehe is subdue he she ddggsv I uvh h h h g h h b gg h h h g gg h h g g h h h h h h u ugh by h h h u h h g h g g g v

  • Bro, Bbro, Fortnite all night

    Fortnite is better no dout, Add me my epic is Coolblue123, Fortnite is better then cod, Because cod is dumb, And thats me trying to act funny and dumb on cod, The only reason why im trying to write more, Is cause it says i need a couple more words.

  • Good job Activi$ion

    Although I don't like Fortnite, I can easily say new black ops are going down with quality after Black Ops 1.
    New game without campaign still costs 60$ for skeleton game and 110$ for full one and it's full of microtransactions. Meanwhile Fortnite is free and you don't have to pay 15$ for new update.

  • Cod is dead

    Call of duty is full of hackers and it is very annoying. Having to open supply crates also broke the game. World war 2 is the worst so far. Call of duty can only go down hill from here. Fortnite is very balanced and it requires skill. And you don't have to pay at all unless you want skins or emotes or pickaxes

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