• You better believe it is a sport!

    Our marching band members practice longer and harder than any of the football players. They go to competitions every year (in fact, They have won their state competitions 4 years in a row--the football team cannot even say that! ). These kids have performed some of the most complex drills that I have ever seen, Plus memorize music for both their competition as well as for their football half time show. They have marched in 90+ degree weather as well as 28 degree weather; they have endured torrential downpours with never a wimper or a complaint. Band Camp consists of 5, 12-hour long days of practice, And that does not even begin to cover any of the additional practices throughout the summer and school year! My children would come home exhausted and sore, Just like any other athlete!

  • You bet it is!

    Imagine marching with a 35-pound contrabass bugle on your shoulder while performing complex dance moves, Running, And marching at speeds of up to 240 beats per minute, All while exhibiting perfect form, Keeping a tight core, A perfect horn angle, And maintaining a steady and consistent airflow. This takes an extraordinary amount of control and endurance to achieve.

  • Marching band is too static.

    A real sport allows for personal creativity and contribution to the game. In soccer players can choose when and where to pass the ball; in table tennis the player chooses where and how to hit the ball. Competitive marching band is a planned routine that does not allow for personal innovation during the competition. Some might argue that it's similar to a 'play' in football where starting positions and movements are preplanned, But even in that situation the quarterback can choose where to throw the ball. In competitive marching, Once the routine is decided it is practiced extensively and then performed with no change. This leads to a stagnation of personal creativity during a performance, Because the members are repeating everything from memory.

    This brings me to my next point: simple endurance and physical exhaustion does not qualify an activity as a sport. I agree that competitive marching band members go through strenuous activites, But saying that it's a sport just because of that is akin to saying that any time you run out of breath going up the stairs is a sport. Overall I think this second point is minor compared to the former, However, I felt like it was important to address as it is a common argument brought up.

  • I've done it - it's not hard

    Band is not a sport. Repeat: band is not a sport.

    Marching band, Requires more skill than regular band.

    Competitive marching band means you've tried out for a better marching band and was accepted.

    Neither of these is a sport. Oh you poor contrabass bugle player- regale us with your harrowing tales of running and marching in perfect formation, Tight core, Perfect horn angle while maintaining your steady and consistent airflow. Did you clear hurdles while you ran or did you merely move from this spot to this spot? Did you contact another horn player and muscle them to the ground while maintaining that perfect horn angle? Hurry up and finish your story as the chubby flag girls also want to explain why they think this is a sport and yet they haven't lost the 50 pounds of leg fat they put on since freshman year.

  • Not a sport

    It is a competition not a sport, It is just like dance, Cheerleading and other things like that. It requires work and skill but, Is most defiantly not a sport. Any one that says this is a sport has defiantly never played a sport. It exists simply to supplement sports games

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