Is David Fincher the best director of today's cinema?

Asked by: picotipicota
  • His movies are practically flawless.

    Let's revisit David Fincher's main filmography:

    -Alien 3
    -The Game
    -Fight Club
    -Panic Room
    -The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    -The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
    -The social network (considered by many critics as the best movie of the 21st century)
    -Gone Girl
    -Mindhunter (TV series)
    -Mank (2020)

    Except for 'alien 3', Each of these movies is considered a masterpiece or a cult classic by the critic, Audience, Other directors, And actors. Even his worst-reviewed films are exciting to watch, And none of them was unanimously panned by reviewers (except maybe 'Fight Club, ' but it's now considered by many as a great movie. )

    To me, All of David Fincher's movies have something attractive and fascinating in them, Something that grabs you and makes you want to watch them again and again. It could be the camera movements: it moves according to the emotion of the character in each scene so that we can feel it with him/her. It could be great attention to every detail during the process of filmmaking, And therefore everything we see in a scene has a meaning, And there is almost no goof in it. It could also be his ability to cast some 'average' actors and make them give a better performance than usual (Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry come to mind. )

    If you put all of this together, I think we could consider David Fincher as a real cinematographic genius who made his mark in modern cinema.

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