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  • Animal, Vegetable, Or President?

    Let a and b each be equal to 1. Since a and b are equal,

    b² =ab (eq. 1)

    Since a equals itself, It is obvious that

    a²=a² (eq. 2)

    Subtract equation 1 from equation 2. This yields

    a²-b²= a²-ab (eq. 3)

    We can factor both sides of the equation; a²-b² equals(a+b)(a-b). A²-abequals a(a-b). Substituting into equation 3, We get

    (a+b)(a-b)=a(a-b) (eq. 4)

    Now divide both sides of the equation by (a-b) and we get

    a+b=a (eq. 5)

    Subtract a from both sides and we get

    b=0 (eq. 6)

    But we set b=1at the very beginning of this proof, So this means that

    1=0 (eq. 7)

    This is an important result. Going further, We know that Donald Trump has one head. But one equals zero by equation 7, So that means that Trump has no head. Likewise, Trump has zero leafy tops, Therefore he has one leafy top. Multiplying both sides of equation 7 by 2, We see that

    2=0 (eq. 8)

    Trump has two legs, Therefore he has no legs. Trump has two arms, Therefore he has no arms. Now multiply equation 7 by Donald Trump’s waist size in inches. This means that
    (Trump's waist size)=0 (eq. 9)

    This means that Donald Trump tapers to a point. Now, What color is Donald Trump? Take any beam of light that comes from him and select a photon. Multiply equation 7 by the wavelength, And we see that

    (Trump's photon's wavelength)=0 (eq. 10)

    But multiplying equation 7 by 640 nanometers, We see that

    640=0 (eq. 11)

    Combining equations 10 and 11, We see that

    (Trump's photon's wavelength)=640 nanometers

    This means that this photon—or any other photon that comes from Mr. Trump—is orange. Therefore Donald Trump is a bright shade of orange.
    To sum up, We have proved, Mathematically, That Donald Trump has no arms and legs; instead of a head, He has a leafy top; he tapers to a point; and he is bright orange. Clearly, Donald Trump is a carrot.

  • Donald Trump is In Fact, An Orange Carrot

    Of course, he's slept with so many women because they all like carrots and just want to bite is giant head off and they want to feed on is enormous ego. Wouldn't he just be delicious with a little bit a ranch dressing, or maybe put on a snowman's face... Who knows

  • He is. Kind of. .

    He is a carrot-corn hybrid. Did you see his hair turn into corn?

    I need more words so:
    According to all laws of aviation, There is no possible way a bee should be able to fly. It’s tiny wings are too small to get its fat wings off the ground. But bees don’t care about what humans think is impossible.

  • Donald trump sucks Donald trump no Donald trump stop

    1. Said so
    2. None of your business
    3. Fucchie caca
    4. He is a carrot
    5. He tans too much
    6. He needs to go back to his natural habitat
    7. He is from a field
    8. Oh shoot a rat
    9. Um don’t need to explain
    10. Why not?
    11. Whattt?
    12. Whyyy?
    13. CACA
    14. Carrot pie
    15. Carrot cake
    16. Carrot juice

  • Yes he be one fo sure

    He's a racist wee carrot with a dead cat on his head, Grown in the wonderful fields of hell. He was watered with racist words and stupid ideas. WORDS WORDS WORDS and then he be one and stupid ideas to be an amazing person😊 THAT matter to me I love u❤ THAT LAST BIT WAS BECAUSE I NEEDED MORE WORDS

  • He is an orange carrot 1000%

    He is orange
    he is ugly
    he has an orange tummy
    he is altogether stupid
    he is fat
    carrots don't move and Donald trump doesn't move because he doesn't like to exercise
    not saying that carrots are ugly
    i like carrots

    i need more words so im just gonna write this

  • He hasn't denied it yet!

    Think about it, if he wasn't a carrot, wouldn't he have said so by now? He has confirmed that he is no longer a democrat, but a republican, He has confirmed that he doesn't like Mexicans, African Americans or women. I have yet to hear him confirm he is not an Orange Carrot!

  • Hes orange and fat

    He probably was genetically mutated from a carrot, his farther was a farmer who planted a carrot and his mum was a mad scientist who sprayed the fields with a chemical that made the carrots alive but only trump survived because he was the biggest carrot on the field. End

  • Now that I think about it...

    Donald Trump...
    The first time I remember seeing him was when I played this pc game called agar.Io (don't you DARE go there, it got me addicted for weeks). I innocently pushed the "spectate" button, which showed me the people in 1st and 2nd place. And would you believe it. A circle with Trump's face and a circle with Obama's face were sucking each other, eating each other, and other things I wouldn't dare reveal ;)

    Anyway, I did a bit of research on Trump. Wikepedia, debate.Org, geometryhelp.Com (you name it) and I came up with the conclusion that Donald Trump is not just a yellow, white,brown, or rotten vegetable. Hes a cetified, unicorn-sucking, ORANGE CARROT.

    WOOHOO WOOHOO kill me pls

  • Absolutely 110% carrot confirmed

    We've figured it out, his skin is orange because he is a nasty carrot and the dead thing on his head was once a rabbit that died from eating his toxic racist carrot scalp. You can't argue with the facts people, America elected a rotting carrot as our leader. Go America!

  • HE is Not a CARROT

    He is more like burnt pizza guys bcuz inside a carrot it is the same as it appears however, Donald trump is a burnt pizza, A bit black on the outside and PITCH black on the inside. Black meaning evil. At least carrots are healthy. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • NOOoo he is not

    We are not about to go around defacing carrots, which only try their best to give us the vitamins and nutrients to keep us healthy, and compare them to Donald Trump. Trump is Trump, and that's bad enough. Carrots don't try to break families apart or abuse their power to hide all the illegal things they have done. That being said, carrots would probably be a better president.

  • He's certainly orange, but not a carrot.

    A blind and deaf person would know that Trump is NOT a carrot. While his skin is the color of a carrot, but that logic, the no section in debate.Org is a red apple and the yes section is a green apple. Too bad there is no neutral "yellow apple" section.

  • No He is not

    He is a carrot with a wig on. And our saftey and rights in his hands. I just don't get how I (A 13 year old) cannot get a raise in my allowance but a carrot with a wig can be our president. Please explain this logic. I don't mean to be rude but yeah I do mean to be rude nevermind.

  • NO He Not

    He is a pumpkin, carrots are thin. Pumpkins are not. It is not possible to carve a Jack o'lantern out of a carrot but it is possible to carve one out of Donald Trump. Furthermore I have reason to believe that you have fallen prey to the cesspool of alternative facts that is plaguing our biased media and this is clouding your perception. This is due to the lack of guns.

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