• Highways are very safe.

    There is no major difference in safety between driving on a highway and driving on surface roads. But that's if -- and only if -- you pay attention and use your common sense. And for the love of god, if you can't drive the speed limit, keep to the left!

  • Highway driving is safe

    Highway driving is safe. It is much safer than city driving because there is much less traffic to contend with. People should always be careful and wear their seatbelt while paying attention to other drivers. It also is important to not text while you are driving. This is very dangerous.

  • Safe Driving Is Always Acceptable

    Highways are great way to get from point A to point B in a quick amount of time. Going at high speeds can be dangerous though. This is way many drivers have gone through drivers education in order to learn the rules of the road. By teaching everyone that will be driving ways to be safe and to know how to drive with other people on the road helps saves lives. The highways can be dangerous, but they are just as dangerous if not safer than other roads like country back roads. At least by driving on the highway, most of the road is a straight path with a few bends. The highway isn't something to be feared.

  • Its as safe as the drivers driving on it

    Most of the time I can say that driving on the highway is safe, but for the most part it is dependent on the people that are on the highway at any given time. Most people of careful when they are navigating a 2 ton weapon or vehicle, but then there are the others...When you look out for yourself and the drivers around you it is a safer place.

  • Yes, I think driving on the highway is safe.

    Overall most people follow the rules of the road on the highways and they are generally safe to travel on, the vast majority of cars able to travel on the highways with little problems and the majority of drivers on the highways are mindful of the other cars nearby and adjust accordingly.

  • Driving is dangerous, Point.

    Millions dies on the road each year. (1. 5 millions pet dies in vehicles every year, It only takes a small accident to send them flying trough the windshield, Or sometime they jump from the window).

    Semi trucks causes lots of death as well. You won't have time to react when that truck plows in your vehicle. Sometime, Their loads is going to detach and roll on your car and splatter you.

    Driving is the most dangerous way of traveling. Just this morning, I pass a semi truck who went into the other lane and crashed on the side. Had someone been there, They would have died.

    That said I cross the country every 6 months and so far, So good. In my country you have 1 chance in 5000 to be involved in an accident. (Canada)

    Drive safe and be aware of your surroundings is the best you can do.

  • Highway driving is not safe.

    While laws are in place to protect and ensure safety, the majority of drivers break laws in some form or other. On a daily basis I see people swerve out of their lanes because they are paying attention to their phone or food, or something else in their vehicle. The majority of people break speed laws. Aggressive driving is commonplace, and many drivers see the road as their personal race track. Driving down the highway, watch how many drivers will speed up or slow down to prevent you from getting in front of them in their lane. Often drivers do not even pay attention to their speed; they will match the speed their neighbors are going. This forces other drivers to make significant accelerations or decelerations when a lane change is needed, increasing the risk of a collision. Drivers also do not pay attention to which lane they are in. The inner lane should be the fastest, often you see the slowest drivers in that lane. Faster moving vehicles often come up on these vehicles quickly, inattentiveness results in a rear-on collision, a sudden swerve results in a sideswipe. The volume of traffic on the road today does not allow the mistakes it previously did, and the traffic is only increasing.

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