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  • Without education, We would have nothing

    As the headline says, Without education, This question wouldn't be a thing.
    I will relate this to Hitler, How do you think he got so powerful? It wasn't because of his standing or anything, He was educated and persuaded others.
    The two most powerful weapons in human history are Education and Verbal communication.
    Without education, You wouldn't have the tech to debate or watch youtube. Certain wars could have been different if both sides had a good education.
    To get anywhere in life, Literally, You need to have a basic education

  • We have many more things to worry about.

    Most kids and teens hate paying attention to things they won't every use in life. They definitely don't want to spend the rest of their life doing the things they hate the most. Schools need to start teaching real life situations instead of random stuff. Thank you for reading I really appreciate it.

  • No, Education is not the most powerful weapon as:-

    1) There are many other curriculums in which we can excel.
    2) We can even excel in sports.
    3) Many people have become famous because of their hardless and tiredless efforts and not because of education.
    4) We can see that many terrorists are educated about weapon knowledge and create harmful weapons which can destroy humanity.
    5) Yes, I agree that if we use education in the right manner then it may be good but it is not the most powerful weapon in humanity.

  • Because People Are People

    . . . The Open And Full Scale Stubborn Resistance To The "RE"-Education Factor of Education, Is far more powerful. FAR, And by milliards of increments. The grammar school recess which never grows out or nor is indeed expiated from most human persons, Can turn the most erudite egghead or the most sublime peacemaker, Into a red-eyed Terminator. From Tom Green through South Park's Eric Cartman, We've been shown the way. Bill Maher, Physically assaulting disruptive audience members who aren't down with his "facts". Fact Machine Made Man Shapiro, Stalking offset when a Brit reporter doggedly plays the Dullard Card. No, Nonfriends. It's standing tall before all ides as memorized, Catalogued, Learned, And coming back as The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz. Never breaking character. Force The Elite (and Power Elite, Joe Biden in the face of a fellow senior citizen) to be as you yourself present, And what they "know", Profits them monkey nuts. And less than monkey nuts. In Oceania, This Is Why IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. Only ignorance can burn away any other (and false) veneer. Trust me: Education IS A Veneer, Only.

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