• It's in the title - esports play video GAMES

    It would be insulting to athletes to refer to video gamers as "athletes". I think for something to be considered a "sport" you should at least have to GET UP off your chair. If they don't consider snooker, Or darts, Or poker a sport - then they have no business calling Starcraft a sport.

    It's a game, Nothing wrong with it being a game. But the term "e-sport" always bothered me. It's a euphemism designed to lend credibility to something that used to be looked down upon (sitting in your basement playing video games all night).

  • It depends on. . .

    To my opinion Esport is gaming, Cause it involves playing a game, Addrenaline etc. , But if it comes to esport betting it becomes a gambling. But I would not say it is a real sport activity! Young people must be careful about spening too much time on esport in front of their computers. . .
    What is your opinion?

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