• Is the Pope Catholic?

    How is this even up for debate. . .

    Europeans have some of the best living standards in the world.
    Asia only has a select few countries that can even boast this. . .

    If you look at any map with statistics, Europe is almost always lit up green, While so much of the world, Mainly in Africa, Asia and parts of the Americas, Are usually red or orange. Asia has a few exceptions that are amazingly-performing countries, But the majority are not this in any sense. On the other hand, Europe is very consistent in this field. Even the considered "poor" countries of Europe are doing better than a lot of countries in Asia and other parts of the world.

    The fact that this is currently 0%-100% really shocks me, Not going to lie. . .

  • Oh hell no!

    I prefer asian women over european men, I prefer asian girls over european guys, I prefer japanese women over german men, I prefer chinese women over british men, I prefer korean women over swedish men, I prefer all naked asian women over all naked european men, I prefer japanese women over italian men, And i prefer asian robots over european humans!

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