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Is fortnite a good game or is creative destruction better

  • CD is ultimately the best. Like it very MUCH!

    When we come to fortnite, It is about 35-40gb. I tried to install it and fortnite also does not work on various and my graphics card. Then I installed CD and it is working 40-60 fps! Anybody on CD, So my username is ProsB. Send me a friend request!

  • When i started playing this game, It was instantaneously in my top 3 games to play any day

    Now i had the same feeling when i first started playing fortnite (this is when everyone did) but as the seasons got worse especially when they destroyed the map and made a new one, That game automatically went down to the top 10 games to play every day. Now creative destruction however, New what to do. Every day i get to enjoy customizing my character to look cool, And i luv the bright cartoon style. Now for those of you that complain about low fps or graphics quality. The solution is very simple. Go to the settings and there should be an area that will let you tinker with the quality.

  • C. D all the way §

    Everybody is saying C. D copied Fortnite, But little do they know is that Fortnite dance moves/ taunt idea was copied from 2016s Uncharted 4 : Multiplayer. Also another thing is that i don't feel GAY while playing C. D unlike Fortnite XD. Creative Destruction has this awesome feature where even if u get kicked out of the app and u log in back, Ur still where u last left off.

  • I like creative destruction because it you can play on almost anything

    Creative destruction you can play on anything fortnite you need an op pc or some type of new mobile phone and creative destruction is the new fortnite basically it came out after fortnite and its more updated then fortnite I think cd is the best game you can play fortnite is the older version cd is the newest version I think cd is way better then fortnite

  • Creative destruction is better.

    Mostly because the game is a bit easier since not everyone is tfue and ninja merged, There is also the fact that it can run on any pc ( or mobile )
    the game in general just feels much more fun than fortnite and it also has different weapons unlike some comments say

  • Creative Destruction is better than Fortnite

    First of all the graphics are better Fortnite is having cartoonish graphics then it is of low specifications and it's inspired from Fortnite but then also better than it and in February 2019 it is updated and debugged so I advise you to download this game and it's of 1. 6 GB and Fortnite is of 2. 6 GB

  • Cd is much better

    I believe CD is a much better choice for anyone on android. It take less space and it has almost everything if not more things that fortnite has. It takes less ram too. It has better skins skins are easy to get. Many types of cool guns and avatars. In my opinion fortnite is just too big and only for good phones

  • Creative destruction is better

    I like creative destruction because you don't need a op pc you can use any pc to play the game and CD dosent take a lot space compared to Fortnite. What i love about crearive destruction is that people don't try hard the game! . That why i prefer CD

  • Works better than Fortnite and is smaller

    This game does not require a high end pc to play. Fortnite kept lagging so bad on my pc, But this game changed it. This is also smaller in size than fortnite. This game is just about 2. 5 GB. Also, The matches in this game are fast-paced and more fun than ones in Fortnite.

  • Creative destruction has more good things about it

    Creative destruction may not be able to build as fast and people may call it a fake fortnite but in the end you would rather play a game that everyone dislikes but you like rather than a game that everyone else likes but you hate playing so it's mainly up to what you prefer to play and what I prefer to play is creative destruction rather than fortnite

  • No or Yes!

    The yes no is so confusing am i saying no to like fortnite or hate it? It depends on which angle u are looking at! So fix the problem u people! This is a totally unfair debate! The title is just so freaking confusing for me and the others! Give this a like if u support

  • Creative destruction sucks

    I would have said creative destruction over fortnite any day. . . But not after season 4 and currently season 5. The game is complete crap now. Movement is stifled, Aiming is a pain, The game is slower. They only care about selling costumes that you can purchase only with money. . It's atrocious

  • Creative Destruction is better

    Creative destruction offers training, And the LTM's last longer, And there are also firearm teams, (teams of 5) and it is funner than Fortnite including for Fortnite noobs. (Myself included. ) because the building is a lot easier. Go Creative Destruction! I got 0 wins in Fortnite after playing almost 300 matches, And 3 wins in Creative Destruction after playing about 7 matches.

  • don't really know

    better graphics, More players, Bigger playerbase, Connection with friends.

    C. D:
    ripoff, New copy, Just a copy, If creative destruction came out 1st maybe my opinion would be a bit better but no it comes in and just noticeably and completely copies the entire idea, Concept and gameplay style of fortnite.

  • Creative destruction better

    Fortnite cosmetics are atleast 5-10 dollars but creative destruction you can get a whole outfit set for 1 dollar. Creative destruction actually BANS RULESBREAKERS and they listen to there community. Weapons go to where your aiming way better (grenade launchers rpgs etc) and the level up idea and infite mats is alot more fair especially because if you have alot of mats you get an auto level up. All traps have a equal rarity since you craft them with the same material. Fortnite does look better but everything else cd is a little better (a little). But it is true its gameplay is a copy of fortnite but whos here to say cd sucks since its a ripoff?

  • Creative Destruction appears to be a direct ripoff.

    From what I've seen from the countless amounts of ads on YouTube, Creative Destruction appears to be a direct ripoff of fortnite, Gameplay-wise. The weapons are similar, The building mechanics are exactly the same, And, While the building your own skin is a nice mechanic, The cosmetics do absolutely nothing to change the gameplay.

  • Fortnite is better

    Fortnite is better because it is multiplatform and it is still pretty new and is only getting more players. It's only on its 5th season and barely a year old. Fortnite is only getting better taking the communities critisicm and improving their game every often update. Plus fortnite is very competitive and is just becoming an e sport

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