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  • Fornite is epic

    Minecraft? Not very epic

    Fortnite is VERY epic. From my THOROUGH and EXTENSIVE research I have found Fortnite has so much more EPIC moments in gamer history than any other game! Minecraft is simply missing out on the epic features Fortnite has! Good bye lamecraft, Kachow!
    I am a gamer

  • It's clear that Minecraft Steve should be added to Super Smash Ultimate

    My mom says I play Minecraft too much but I spend way more time on Fortnite so I don't even care. I'm my own person and I can build 360 forts if I have enough wood. I also play with Ninja and have the John Wick skin so I'm the best player.

  • Oml roblox yall

    -sincerely, Ur mom

  • Fortnite is an epic game

    Fortnite has a bigger player base and more options then minecraft cause all you do in minecraft is build and fight stuff.
    Fortnite is like that to but in Fortnite you can ACTUALLY WIN. It gives a reward if you have skill and if you do not then you learn from your mistakes and get better. Whereas minecraft does not have a reward and you do pointless boring stuff until you die.
    Fortnite is a very good very well made game and minecraft is boring.
    People who hate Fortnite are people who just have to take the L.

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  • Fortnite is better

    In my opinion, Fortnite Battle Royale is more fun because there is a larger map and you can do the same things in Minecraft and you have to pay for Minecraft but Fortnite is free and we all know that Fortnite is a copy of Minecraft but Fortnite is not gay furry porn

  • Yes, But only in certain areas.

    I was a strong supporter for both sides in some points of my life. But after playing Minecraft for nearly 7 years, I have to say that it gets quite boring if you play it over an extensive period of time. Though Fortnite is very rinse and repeat (drop in, Loot up, Eliminate others). It somehow is very unique. The building mechanic makes it so that no fight is the same. And with new Limited Time gamemodes that come out almost every week just adds on to the diversity.

    Minecraft might have almost endless gamemodes. But that is just the same with Fortnite.

    I am more neutral about this topic. But I thought I would just share my opinion.

    I am 13, Turning 14 in a couple of months.

  • Yes it is

    Fortnite is better than Minecraft Minecraft is just not great at all dude Fortnite is better than Minecraft because oh you wanna know how or why Fortnite is better than Minecraft ok look so Fortnite has so many good graphics while Minecraft has bad graphics ok 👍 good bye 👋

  • Minecraft is epic

    Fornite? Not very epic

    Minecraft is VERY epic. From my THOROUGH and EXTENSIVE research I have found Minecraft has so much more EPIC moments in gamer history than any other game! Fortnite is simply missing out on the epic features Minecraft has! So long boringnite, Toodles!
    I am 7 nearly 8

  • Minecraft is better then Fortnite!

    Minecraft is better then fortnite because first of all. Fortnite is basically killing people and trying to win, While minecraft is helping others and is also one of best educational games.
    I hope you will comment on this and tell me if it is good or not.
    I am yr 7

  • Minecraft is Better.

    Minecraft is Home to millions of adults Childhoods. 2b2t Is minecrafts oldest server and its home to millions of childhoods and fortnite is bad because There is violence and is for kids 12+ Because there is guns unlike minecraft, Minecraft isnt very violent It teaches you basic survival like gathering wood and building a makeshift house. Fortnite has nothing close to that. Minecrafts Hungergames are better than fortnite's battleroyale.

  • Fortnite sucks minecraft is better

    The reason why minecraft is better because more people play minecraft and in 2018 fortnite had 78. 3 million but in 2019 fortnite had 8. 3 million that means fortnite lost 70 million while minecarft got 21 million so that is why minecraft is better than fortnite and you can't change my mind

  • Minecraft is cool

    Minecraft is educational and creative. Plus even the creators are updating it and there ius a feedback web for mc. It is cool for coding and it is very customisable. #1. 14. 2 is cool yo hffbdf d fdfhbdf f df df df d f df d fd f d f d sorry needed to fill this comment

  • Minecraft is better

    I say this because, In Fortnite, You just play the same game again and again and there's only one difference between the games, And that is, Different players. Now, There are battle passes and stuff but that only improves the look of the game, Besides, There is only one map which is played again and again. But if you take the case of MineCraft, Every time you create a new world, There's millions of options in what world to play, What resources are there, What terrain is generated and there are countless possibilities of what you can do and build in that world. MineCraft is not a game which has only things which the name suggests, It has many subcategories which you can explore and discover in countless ways. Eg: Building, Redstone, Commands, Survival, Server Minigames, Etc. And thus, I conclude that MineCraft is better than Fortnite

  • It's cringe af

    I'm sorry, But any game would be better than Fortnite.

    Even if it's something like Minecraft which I used to play on mobile.

    Minecraft >>>>>>>> Fortnite

    If you really want a better game, Then may I suggest Overwatch? It's more unique than that cringy ass game known as Fortnite


  • Fortnite is stale

    Fortnite gets very tiring after a while. You spawn in, Go to a place, Find items then die. If it was to change the mechanics and balance of this game more people would want to hold longer onto it. It needs to be changed and adapted if it wants to survive.

  • Mincraft is og

    The fortnite game can be very addictive because some people, Including children will play all day and wouldn't have a good night sleep for school sometimes they even skip school. This one kid got inter viewed on Doc. Phil. The kid locked his mom out of the house and started playing fortnite nonstop. I’m surprised the bluelight didn’t do anything to his eyes.

  • Minecraft is a lot better than Fortnite.

    In terms of the actual game, Minecraft is may more fun and there are more things that you can do. For example; create your own server, Just have your own creative world, Your own survival world, Join servers, Etc.

    Also, Minecraft is a lot less violent and more educational. Redstone and command blocks are an example of this. You can actually use Minecraft to improve coding skills. Fortnite is just killing people.

    Minecraft is less expensive. Although Fortnite is free there are many more in-app purchases and the $40 new battle pass each month which most kids just have to have is really expensive. Kids feel like they need to have all the latest skins which drains their parent's pockets.

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