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    I'm not saying this game is bad or anything (I probably play it around every other day) but it was made last year. A great game, But isn't any game good with a team of 600 plus people? I'm not gonna say "It's repetitive" or something like that because of all the new modes and items and stuff they add every few weeks. It's a great game, Just not deserving of 2018 game of the year, And probably not 2017 either.

  • There are much better games out there.

    Fortnite has basically one goal that is repetitive. It may be a good game, But there are more games that more well made and actually has a story line to it. Fortnite is just a bunch of people trying to get that Victory Royale. After that, What? You can only play and play until you either get addicted to it or get tired of doing the same old thing over and over again. Games with a story line and lore, Such as Visage, Bendy and the Ink Machine, And Deltarune, Have compelling stories and characters, Which can leave players in thoughts of how, Why, What, Who, Etc. Fortnite has close to no story and by what I know, No interesting lore. I personally would say Visage should received the best game of 2018 reward.

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