• Free Speech is Absolute.

    Unless advocating violence, Free speech is absolute. Nobody is barred (at least in the U. S. ) from sharing their beliefs. However, Today free speech is under attack. Conservatives are regularly attacked for their beliefs and told to shut up, Sit down, And let others speak for you. Free speech is under attack.

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  • One word, Feminism.

    Feminists are trying to lead the USA towards a anti-man and sexually unequal society where anything said or done must pass through a filter of brain washing to avoid "triggering" people, The fact that the USA is allowing this to happen in the first place makes me doubt how much longer we will really have freedom of speech. .

  • No it can change because of you

    Free speech is supported by the government but like all man made laws they can be change.
    And worst of all this happens because of a few people. All it takes is someone a big mouth who will ruin it for everyone.
    Why couldn't anyone stop alex Jones? The dude ruin youtube and other media platforms for everyone. You can't say key words like hoax and 9/11 because of him and his nonstop mouth. He could of talked about it low key and yet he went to go directly harass people and got a lawsuit because he would not stop. That is not the work of a professional that was the rambling of a deranged person.

    Some people should keep their mouth shut because nothing good comes from them.
    The speech and thought police are being creating because of some mentally ill people who want fame.
    And now they want to censor other web sites and media platforms because of people who keep posting "threats". Keep those thoughts to yourself or go to a mental asylum if you want to share them.
    The constitution will be changed or the government will fall and Russia will come
    Free speech is ending

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