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  • Gaming is Awesome

    I love playing videogames, But that doesn't mean I think all games are good. For me, Games like Mortal Kombat and violent first person shooters aren't games teens and under should be playing. First person shooters were initially used by the military to train soldiers in simulations. It wasn't meant to migrate to the general public. Games like Mortal Kombat were preceded by less graphic arcade games like Street Fighter, And have evolved into bloody, Visceral games today. Games that reward the player for brutally killing people don't interest me, And I don't usually play a game in which guns are used to kill enemies in the masses. I also don't like cheesy horror games or ones that are bloody and gory just because with no story elements. If it's just to get a cheap jumpscare out of me with no strategy or linear plotline with good character(s), I don't see the point of it.

    People who say videogames are a waste of time are also the same people who watch TV, Read books, Play sports, Or have another activity they enjoy. Just because you don't like games doesn't mean it is a waste of time. If someone doesn't like quilting, Is it a waste of time? If someone doesn't like sports, Is it a waste of time? Just because you don't like a certain hobby doesn't mean it is a waste of time. And just because someone is playing a videogame doesn't mean they will grow up to be a violent, Rebellious teenager. Sure, You should monitor the type of games they play when they're younger, But if the gamer understands what they're playing isn't real or should be taken with a grain of salt, Let them play. They think it's fun just like you might think watching a movie or sports event is fun, Or quilting, Reading, Hiking, Walking the dog, Etc is fun. Their fun doesn't have to be your fun, And that's okay.

    There are many videogames appropriate for all ages, And many can be played by multiple players at once. The whole family could play together, Take turns, Or enjoy watching others play. Or if you don't understand how your child or friend can sit there moving their thumbs on a controller all day staring at a screen, Sit down and try to understand what they're doing. Maybe you'll have fun too, Or maybe you'll realize it's not for you. Either way, You both enjoy different things, And that's fine.

    Gaming engages the mind and hands in an interactive experience. You play as a character, Become attached to the character, And sometimes you feel like you have become the character. It can affect one's emotions and feel very personal, And every game offers a different experience. It's fun! It's like reading a book where you play a part in every scene and shape the story, Or instead of watching a movie, You are the one moving the action along instead.

  • We could control ourselves

    We could stop us gaming too long. Even we play to long, The batteries die out so we can stop doing it. In fact, There are timers and apps to tell how much we are playing. Its okay to play a game.
    Gaming is not a bad thing to do.

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