• Depends on the game

    This goes both ways. Games can create a dependance or an excuse to do things that aren't lawful. At the same time, Games can be creative way to help people.

    Its like tv, You can watch tv all your life and have unrealistic expectations of reality, Or, You can learn about reality and have better understanding and at the same time become entertained.

  • Gaming is good for your reflexes and good for your senses

    Gaming is another form of learning its just harder to learn because people have been playing the game longer than you like if you just got the game for your birth day or Christmas they probably got it the first day it came out just work hard on it and don't let people tell you what you are not good at

  • It's not bad.

    Depending on the game it can teach you about statistics and even how to read. Games like these aren't bad and can actually be very helpful to some students. It would feel like they're having fun while they are actually learning without knowing it. Every game will have some sort of value such as decision making or strategy most of the time.

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