• Help me oh god oh frick

    Garfield is outside of my house in my driveway oh no hes walking towards the door oh hes knocking now someone help oh god oh fulickles he broke the window oh fcrcr hes stabbing me owowowowoowow wowow owo wwo ow woowo owwo owwo wowow ow im dead now funny lasagna

  • He most definitely is

    Firstly, If he is not then tell me why is he always hanging around Jon Arbuckle all the time if not to get his warm hot lasagna even when Jon has to go to work Garfield is xxxtra angry, This is due to his burning passion for Jon.

    Secondly, If not Jon then definitely Odie, The way he tortures Odie shows that they have a Sadistic/Masochist relationship which is one of the most commonly shared kinks in LGBT+ Relationships, I believe this was a nice tip-off from the creator Jim Davis.

    Lastly, We are told that Garfield has a girlfriend(Arlene) but I disagree, I believe at-most Garfield is Bi-sexual but that girl is definitely a coverup for Garfield x Odie x Jon (x Arlene *maybe*, It's a stretch)

    In Conclusion, Garfield is a Gay/Bi Slutty Cat that's trying to get in with multiple characters in the Garfieldian Universe(GU)

  • He is not

    I don't think he is and if you do you can go f**k youself fggot i bet you were droped on the head as a baby and then thrown into a washing machine for 4 fuckin hours bitch go suck your dads dick because you're from alabama and thats why you will never be loved

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